5 Must-Have Bags for Women for Every Occasion

5 Must-Have Bags for Women for Every Occasion

Bags are one of the go-to accessories that enhance and elevate one’s overall look. There are a lot of varieties available in bags, and each has its own set of pros and cons. Instead of saying this, it is just that they look better when paired with other styles. When it comes to bags, there are different factors like materials, style, colour, design, and a lot more. It completely depends on one’s preference to choose the bag based on their needs or occasion.

Here are some of the must-have bags for women:

  • Sling Bags:

One of the most common bags, which is preferred for almost all occasions. It’s a one-sided bag which can be used across the shoulder or on the shoulders. There are circle, rectangle or square shapes available, which can be used to store basic accessories like mobiles, wallets, cash and coins. There are different materials used like embroidery to make it more fancy, or simple leather or cloth materials. You cannot carry more in sling bags since they are compact and cute at the same time.

From one to two compartments, there are sections which are small and compact at the same time. You can pair it with both traditional and modern kinds of wear, which suits and makes the wear way more attractive.

Some of the unique sling bag collections available are crewel embroidery sling bags, hand embroidery sling bags, hand block printed sling bags, hand painted sling bags, Kantha embroidery sling bags, leather sling bags, chikankari sling bags, meta sling bags, and the list goes on and on!

  • Shoulder Bags:

One of the best and most suitable bags which you should opt for when it comes to professional outings. The shoulder bags are quite larger than the sling bags, which means you can store more of the essentials in them.

It has a quite larger space which helps to keep your large thing more organised and occupied at the same time. Some of the materials available in the shoulder bags are Pochampally Ikat Shoulder Bags, Kalamkari Print Shoulder Bags, Kantha Work Shoulder Bags, Patchwork Shoulder Bag, Plain Solid Shoulder Bags for women, etc. Along with these, there are even more options which you can choose based on your outfit or preferences.

This is perfect for both kurti and sarees, But with kurtis, they make a perfect match. There are also hand-embroidery shoulder bags, which make the collection way more unique and classier at the same time. Sanganeri Printed bags are my personal favourite which are way more handy and at the same time have more occupancy than the normal bag collections.

  • Clutches and Wallets:

Even though the handbags are better, pouches/wallets and clutches are available from the initial days to store the cash and coins. Clutches are available in both simple and grand manner, where both can be more apt when it’s matched with the saree. Even a normal blouse with a classic clutch would enhance and elevate your look way more unique and beautiful at the same time. Going with a good grand wallet is one of the best choices when you are matching it with the saree.

Wallets are one of the most comfortable kinds which are way more handy and compact. You have both small wallets and large wallets available, which makes you way more comfortable. You can even put this wallet into your shoulder bag or sling bag for partitioning the coins, cards, and cash in separate compartments.

  • Laptop Sleeve Bags:

There is no one nowhere to work without a laptop. There are a lot of hardware and software industries, which require just a laptop. Not just for professional workers, even small-scale businesses need it to create their own websites and rule the world with the best and most unique product collections.

It seems to be costly too, which is why it is important to safeguard them for their own safety reasons. One of the best parts of these laptop sleeve bags is that you can carry them on your shoulder and hand whenever needed based on your level of comfort. There are quite a lot of unique designs and colour options available which would be a perfect laptop saviour and easy for you to carry with you whenever you step out for any kind of work.

  • Toilet Pouches / Cosmetic Bags:

No matter what gender you are, building or having your own products when it comes to skincare or hair care should be mandatory. This is because when you choose products based on your skin type and concern it would be way better!

It is normal for the product to get clumsy when you put them all in one go! So, having a pouch or bag would be a better option where it can be reached without confusion and at the same time, seems organised too.