5 Home Office Hacks

5 Home Office Hacks To Accomplish Before Monday Arrives

It’s time to ditch the chaos and makeover your home office! Get organized by clearing off that desk, cleaning up any papers or other items scattered about. It may help you focus on work more efficiently if everything is in its rightful place.

Over time, you may fail to notice how things start piling up on your desk. With the new work from home set up, your desk suddenly became both your office workspace and breakfast table.

To end the routine of waking up to dirty coffee mugs, post-it notes, and piles of unfinished paperwork, grab some new home office accessories and let the transformation begin.

1 – Throw Out Unnecessary Items

The main reason why your desk is cluttered is that you refuse or probably don’t have time to throw out stuff that you don’t need anymore. To assess which needs to be thrown away, look into the piles of documents. Also, examine the cluster of items on your desk.

If you see pens and markers that don’t work, bent paper clips, and outdated documents, don’t hesitate to dispose of them. You can free up more desk space and instantly see improvement.

2 – Get a Filing Cabinet

If you still don’t have a filing cabinet, invest in a sturdy, possibly fireproof cabinet with the maximum storage available. This will ensure that all of your important documents like certificates and passports are kept in a secure and easily accessible place.

3 – Arrange Your Cords and Cables

Do you constantly trip on cables and wires on the floor of your home office? Aside from the inconvenience, this is potentially dangerous to you or anyone who comes inside the room.

To solve this, route the wires behind your desk and against the wall. Bind them together using cable ties or safety clamps. You can also use a wireless keyboard and mouse to reduce cable clutter.

4 – Keep Essential Office Accessories

It’s important to have essential home office accessories like pens, notebooks, calculators, and other office supplies close by. You can put a small shelf beside your desk to keep these items at arm’s reach whenever you need them.

Similarly, you can add an organizer like a tray or caddy to organize your sticky notes, paper clips, scissors, and stamps.

If you have personal items like photo frames, souvenirs, and small plants on your desk, you should consider relocating them to a remote place in the room. You can also hang photos on the wall facing your desk to have an inspirational corner.

5 – Set up Your Workspace Near a Window

Working in a dark and secluded workspace can decrease work productivity. You might notice that you easily feel tired and sleepy even during the day. As a solution, consider moving your desk near a window.

In a study by Cornell University, it’s been reported that having natural light in your workspace has numerous health benefits and keeps employees more alert throughout the working hours. It reduces headaches and eye strain caused by staring at the computer all day.

If you don’t have that option, you can put additional lamps on your table to better focus on your tasks.

You can easily accomplish these home office hacks over the weekend before the working day arrives. By doing these small changes, you will see a vast improvement not just in the appearance of your workspace but in your overall work output.

Author bio: Steffy Alen is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.