Careers in South Africa

5 Degrees for In-Demand Careers in South Africa

South Africa has a growing economy. Its GDP is expected to reach 407.49 USD billion by the end of this year. And a growing economy means more and better job opportunities. But when it comes to landing a secure and high-paying job in South Africa, your choice of a degree plays a crucial role. Most students select a degree without researching the job market situation. Students should consider the degrees that lead to in-demand careers in the job market. South Africa has an enormous labor force of 24,267,566.

At the same time, the unemployment rate is very high, i.e., 32.6%. This means the jobs are less than compared to the people looking for a job. To protect yourself from such a situation in the future, you should wisely choose a career that is in demand in South Africa.

This article explains five degrees that ensure having an in-demand career in South Africa.

1. Engineering:

The engineering sector in South Africa is the driving force in the country’s development and growth. That’s why an engineering degree will guarantee you a stable career. To work as an engineer, you should get a master’s in any engineering major. Even with a bachelor’s in engineering, you can find good jobs in different industries. Some common engineering majors include mechanical engineering, civil engineering, chemical engineering, software engineering, and electrical engineering.

If you search for which careers are in demand in South Africa, you will find various engineering careers. So, if your strong subject areas are mathematics and science, then engineering is the best choice for you. Engineering degrees are very technical and thus equip you with highly demanded skills and knowledge. As an engineer, you can work in any industry, like construction, mining, manufacturing, IT, etc.

2. IT and Computer Science:

Nowadays, every business in every sector is leveraging tech. And as South Africa is a growing economy, with the increase in businesses, the demand for computer and IT experts is also increasing. That is why getting a degree in computer science or information technology will be very lucrative for you. As more and more companies are expanding their operations, their usage of tech and computers is increasing. The amount of data being generated by all industries is also increasing rapidly. This means that South African businesses and firms are looking for IT experts.

By getting a bachelor’s in IT or computer science, you will have a successful career. The best thing about the tech field is that there are tons of career options for you to choose from. You can work as a data scientist, cloud computing expert, cyber security specialist, business analyst, app developer, artificial intelligence and machine learning expert, website developer, etc. If you want to hone your skills and knowledge even further and keep up with the latest trends in tech, you should obtain a master’s in computer science or IT. The salary of IT professionals is very high.

3. Medical:

If you want to change people’s lives for the better while also enjoying a stable and high-paying career, a medical degree will be the perfect choice for you. This goes without saying that the world will always need great healthcare providers. And since the population in South Africa is growing, it is obvious that there will always be an increasing demand for quality healthcare service providers for the aging population. The field of medicine is so vast. You can become a doctor, dentist, chemist, pharmacist, nurse, psychiatrist, nutritionist, physiotherapist, etc., depending on your interest.

The medical degrees usually take up to five years to be completed. But the hard work you will put into getting a medical degree will be worth it when you see the job opportunities. You can work as a medical professional in any sector, whether it be private or government. You can work in clinics, research facilities, hospitals, pharmaceutical companies, etc. You can also start your practice after getting proper licensure.

4. Marketing:

Marketing is an essential part of any organization or corporation. A company’s success heavily depends on how it markets its products and services. And with more and more businesses opening up in South Africa, the demand for marketing experts is also increasing. By obtaining a bachelor’s degree in marketing or communications, you can easily find a stable job that pays well. A marketing degree will allow you to learn core marketing elements and market research methods.

The best thing about marketing degree courses in South Africa is that they include both traditional marketing knowledge as well as the latest marketing knowledge, like digital marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing, etc. When it comes to the world of marketing, there are unlimited job roles. You can work in any of the following positions: marketing manager, business development manager, head of marketing, digital marketing manager, SEO manager, product marketing manager, web manager, digital strategist, etc.

5. Finance:

The finance sector is critical for the growth of any economy. Similarly, in South Africa, there is an immense need for finance experts to regulate and improve the finance sector. The best part is that finance is everywhere. This means that any business, company, or organization that is dealing with money and wants to put its finances on the right track requires a finance expert. That is why finance is one of the most in-demand careers in South Africa. With a bachelor’s in finance or accounting, you can land a solid job in a good firm. However, some companies may require a master’s degree if you are applying for an executive-level position.

With a degree in finance, you can work in the accounting or financial advisory services sector, etc. Within each sector, there are several finance-related roles that you can choose from, such as financial controller, payroll expert, financial operations manager, financial planner, financial analyst, customer advisor, credit risk management, etc.


With so many degree options, understandably, you can’t decide which one you should go for. If you are facing such confusion, this article will help you out. When you are deciding on a degree, remember that this degree will define your career and, thus, your future. That’s why it’s important to filter out those degrees from a river of degrees that will lead you to an in-demand career in your chosen country.