5 Benefits of Adding CBD Oil to Your Food

CBD, also called cannabidiol, has gradually become one, if not the most consumed, naturally-occurring remedy across the world. Though CBD comes from the cannabis plant, most people mistake it with marijuana that possesses high THC levels. On the other hand, CBD is non-psychoactive and reportedly offers numerous therapeutic benefits.

In recent years the consumption of CBD infused edibles has become a common way of ingesting the compound. For one, CBD oil is now used in different ways, including cooking.

CBD Oil As a Remedy

CBD oil is primarily made of cannabidiol extracted from cannabis and mixed with a carrier oil such as hemp seed oil or coconut oil to dilute. Its medicinal and recreational use is legal in 30 states across the U.S. These are also the states that consider the medicinal and recreational use of marijuana lawful. Some believe the oil helps manage a variety of different health conditions. Today, you can find several brands and suppliers like Sunday Scaries CBD with high quality and authentic CBD oil meant to deliver measured doses of the compound.

Whether you choose to drop it into your morning coffee, cook dinner with it, or spray it on your tongue after lunch, here are some benefits you can derive from CBD oil and what scientific research says.

1.   Can Offer Pain Relief

You can trace the use of cannabis as a pain relief agent back to 2900 B.C. Back in the day, the ancient Chinese used it to remedy several conditions such as muscle spasm, gout, and joint pain. In recent years, scientists established that specific compounds like CBD are responsible for its ability to relieve pain.

It does this by interacting with the activities of endocannabinoid receptors in the body. Research involving several individuals has reported that combining THC and CBD helps in treating arthritis-related pain is useful. A good example is Sativex, an oral spray made of CBD and THC used by multiple sclerosis patients in different countries to manage pain.

2.   May Minimize Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety


CBD oil has emerged as a promising remedy for two mental health conditions, namely anxiety and depression. Due to its lack of psychoactive effects, CBD isn’t addictive and prevents the issue of medication abuse that’s often related to pharmaceutical drugs used for anxiety and depression.

It’s also effective in children who have post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and addresses insomnia and anxiety issues. Hence, adults and children alike stand to benefit from incorporating CBD oil into foods.

3.   May Improve Health of Cardiovascular System

A recent study has indicated some possible benefits CBD has on the heart and circulatory system. It may help reduce high blood pressure. High blood pressure is a condition known to cause several health complications like heart attack, stroke, and metabolic syndrome. Research involving nine men in good health administered 600mg of CBD oil to each subject.

Researchers reported a significant reduction in resting blood pressure for each man. In the same test, the nine men had to undergo stress tests known to spike blood pressure. It turns out the last dose of CBD administered also helped to keep the blood pressure of all subjects relatively low.

4.   Can Help Inhibit Cancer-Related Symptoms


Cancer treatment can be a slow and arduous process, mainly due to common side effects such as nausea, pain, and vomiting. However, CBD oil could help minimize some of these symptoms, especially the side effects of chemotherapy.

A recent study focused on the impacts of CBD and THC on 177 people dealing with cancer-related pain that couldn’t find any relief after using pharmaceutical pain pills. The study observed that those who received an extract with both CBD and THC reported better pain reduction than those treated only with THC.

5.   May Possess  Neuroprotective Properties

Some believe that CBD doesn’t only influence the functions of the endocannabinoid system but also improve several conditions in persons with neurological disorders. Extensive research on this subject focused on the effectiveness of CBD for treating conditions like multiple sclerosis and epilepsy.

In a recent study of 276 multiple sclerosis patients, 207 noticed a reduction in spasm after using Sativex spray. Apart from this, CBD has shown tremendous promise for the treatment of other neurological conditions. Some of these include health benefits for Parkinson’s patients in a better quality of life and sleep improvements.


So far, research into the potential benefits of CBD oil has proven very promising. Today, it’s considered a viable alternative medication for health conditions such as depression, chronic pain, and acne. Some believe that people have only scratched the surface of what this compound can help people achieve, especially in the kitchen. Whatever be the case, getting the best quality CBD oil is the only way you can ever hope to experience any of the benefits associated with CBD. Therefore, always purchase from credible suppliers by doing your due diligence.