4 Astounding Benefits Of Zero Alcoholic Beer

4 Astounding Benefits Of Zero Alcoholic Beer

Are you planning to take a break from alcohol? Avoiding alcohol does not mean you cannot drink beer. Zero alcohol beer can offer great company during your detox period. As clear by the name, this type of beer does not contain any alcohol content. However, despite being non-intoxicating, this beverage tastes the same as regular beer. 

Along with great flavor, this drink comes with numerous health benefits. Curious to know about its health advantages? 

Keep on reading to discover them.

#1 Promotes Post-Exercise Recovery

Most people prefer drinking coffee, energy drinks, and protein shakes after working out. This helps them to promote the post-exercise recovery of their body. Your body needs time to grow the targeted muscles you exercised for. For example, if it’s your leg day in the gym, your body will utilize more energy to recover your body’s leg muscles. This recovery rate varies from person to person or body to body. 

Instead of drinking sugar-filled liquids like energy drinks, you can choose beer with zero alcohol as your post-work beverage. The sodium, carbohydrates, and other components present in this drink boost your body’s recovery rate. The faster your body can recover, the more muscle growth will happen.

#2 Great For Cardiovascular Health

Another amazing benefit zero alcohol beer offers is improved cardiovascular health. It is because of the polyphenols such as xanthohumol present in this drink. Polyphenols are compounds that are derived from the plants of hops. Improved cardiovascular health means reduced blood pressure, controlled homocysteine levels, and reduced inflammation. A study done on people aged 55-75 found that- those who consume non-alcoholic beer improved their health more quickly than those consuming alcoholic beer. 

This type of beer also boosts the production of endothelial progenitor cells in the body. These cells are responsible for the maintenance and repair of endothelial walls of your blood vessels.

#3 Stimulates Breast Milk Production

It goes without saying that breastfeeding womens should avoid alcohol. But does it mean they cannot enjoy the taste of beer while relaxing in their home? Well, NOPE. They can drink the 0 alcohol beer, which is safe to consume and taste delicious, and sometimes better than many branded beers. 

The barley present in this beverage stimulates the secretion of the prolactin. It is a hormone that helps to boost the production of breast milk. Other than promoting the production, zero alcohol beer also raises the levels of antioxidants in the milk. These antioxidants not only benefit the baby but also the mother’s body. So, if you are a mother whose breast milk production is slow, you can try consuming this beer.

#4 Reduce The Risk Of Osteoporosis

Do you know that 200 million people worldwide are suffering from osteoporosis? It is a disease in which human bones start to become weak and brittle. This causes them to bend and break very easily, making the patient face some serious posture deformities. Silicon is a compound that is very effective against this disease. And this might come as a surprise, but silicon is one of the major components of non-alcoholic beer. It helps to increase the density of bone minerals and hence reducing the risk of osteoporosis. 

If you are suffering from this issue, start consuming this type of beer as soon as possible. The earlier you start, the more quickly you will recover from it. And for better and fast results, you can choose a beer with high barley and hops levels. 

Final Words

Non-alcoholic beer is an amazing beverage you must try. And with such amazing benefits, you can consider making it a delicious part of your busy lifestyle. Give yourself some time to improve your health through this drink.