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10 Essential Items to Pack for Your Dog Boarding

Thanks to all the dog boarding centres in Sydney for making travel easy for Aussies. Whether going for a one-day or weeks of vacation, you don’t have to worry about your pet’s stay. 

Basically, dog boarding centres are places that take special care of your pets in your absence. From basics to food habits and fun activities, these facilities ensure your beloved has a good time when you aren’t around. 

Though these dog boarding facilities in Sydney provide all forms of treats, it’s necessary to pack the important items of your pets along with them during their stay. 

This will not only make them feel comfortable but also help them stay happy and healthy. 

Now, let’s discuss those important items to pack for your dog boarding. 

10 Items to Pack for Dog Boarding

  1. Food

Being a responsible dog owner, you know their favourite food items. If you try to introduce a new food item, it might affect the digestive health of your canines as they are very particular about their diet. 

Also, your pet might show certain hesitation in adapting to the new diet, so it’s necessary to pack your dog’s favourite food items during their stay in the boarding centres. 

For packing, you can pack the items in a plastic bag with taglines of food items for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Detailed instructions should be given to the staff working at these centres related to the schedule of the food intake. 

2. Medicines

If your pet takes some sort of medicine, ensure you pack them before leaving them at the boarding centre. It will make sure that your pooch is happy and healthy in your absence. 

Plus, make sure you write detailed instructions with the medicines. It’ll help the centre’s workers understand when and how to give the right dosage.

Detailed written instructions related to the dosage should be handed over to the staff so that they have complete knowledge about the schedule of the medicines. 

Also, remember, staying in unfamiliar territory may trigger the medical condition of your pet. In such a case, it’s important to pack emergency medicines and supplements to overcome the condition. 

3. Favourite Toys

Though the boarding centre will have several play items, it’s necessary to pack one or two of your dogs’ favourite items to make them feel happy and comfortable. This will help to give a homely feeling to your furry companions. 

4. Emergency Contact Number

Whenever you plan a boarding for your dog, you must leave an emergency contact number with the authorities in case of any emergency. 

You can also give the details of your close ones who are familiar with your dog so that in case you are not reachable, the authorities can contact your close ones.

5. Leash

It’s always recommended to pack one or two leashes in the bags of your furry friends.

6. Identification Details

To know the detailed identification of your dog, it’s good to carry the IDs. 

The ID should carry details like emergency contact information, name, and any medical condition. 

Some dog owners also carry microchips for the safety and security of their dogs. 

7. Necessary Reminder

Staying in an entirely new environment can cause anxiety and behavioural issues in your dogs. 

To avoid this, it’s important to allow them to carry an item from home like their favourite blanket, toys, bedding, etc. 

This will help them a lot to cope with anxiety and stress. 

8. Snacks

Every pet has his or her favourite snack item. Carrying these snack items will help them give a homely feeling while staying outside the home. 

9. Important Documents

Important documents like medical records, health status, diet plans, exercise routine, emergency contact number, and many more should be handed over to the staff at these boarding centres to ensure the safety and well-being of your pets. 

You can also ask the authorities of Sydney dog boarding centres if they need any other important documents before starting the boarding process. 

10. Any Other Item

As a dog owner, you know how to make your pet feel happy and comfortable in your absence. So, carry all the other important items like their favourite meal bowl for the best experience. 

The Final Note

Boarding your dog will be stressful not only for you but also for the pet. You are worried about the safety and security of your pooch, while the pet gets worried and feels anxiety in the new environment. 

But you can create the best environment for them at these boarding centres by packing all the above-mentioned items in your pet’s luggage. This will not only help them to feel comfortable but will also ease your anxiety and worries about your pet’s stay at these centres. 

So, all these necessary items should be taken care of for the best experience for your furry friends.