Mini Nude Eyeshadow Palette

Why Mini Nude Eyeshadow Palette is the Perfect Gift for Your Teenager

Has your newly turned teenager been eating your ear off to get you to give her the permission to start using makeup apart from just the pre-approved gloss Lipper that you’ve been letting her use these past few months? 

With the plethora of makeup items available in the market today, you may fear which kind of makeup to expose your kids to today. Listen to us and invest in the safest yet most perfect makeup essential – the mini nide eyeshadow palette. 

You may ask us – why just get the best nude eyeshadow palette? 


Here’s why: 

For any perfect eyeshadow palette and recreation of the perfect eyeshadow looks, even by the most sultry influencers and fashion icons such as Kylie Jenner, having these four shades for four different purposes is extremely important. 

  • Outer lid

The outer lid of the eye is the outermost corner of the eye that deserves the right definition. The outer lid color decides the depth of the eye shadow look that you are going for. Whether it’s a regular everyday casual look or a much heavier night look, the amount of product you pack on the eye and how deep or light it should be depend primarily on being set by the outer lid of the eye. It also defines the shape that the eyeshadow look takes on. As a teenager or even an adult, owning a pair of the best nude matte eyeshadow palette with deep tones that can be used in the outer is extremely important. It works for casual school days to even heavier fall looks perfect for your Halloween and Christmas parties. 

  • Crease

The crease is the primarily most important section of any eyeshadow look. It’s exactly where the transition shade is placed. A transition shade in your mini nude eyeshadow palette can be used as a base to even out the base of the eyeshadow and neutralize it for better application of the deeper tones. The transition shade at the crease is the nearest and similar to your own skin tone. Although not the lightest shade in the palette, it is that one shade that sets the background for some great work of art on the eye. Without this crease shade, your eyeshadow look could be flat. 

  • Lid 

The lid shade on the mini nude eyeshadow palette that you’ve set your eye on for your little girl is the most important shade in the palette. Often it is also the lightest shade on the palette and layers directly on top of the crease shade in the most prominent part of the eye. Even if you use all the rest of the shades in your best nude eyeshadow palette for a long time, on an everyday basis, you could select single pods of different shades of lid shadow colors just to jazz up differently for each outfit, or you could just stick to this particular shade as well. Either way, your look will look bomb.

  • Lashline 

Lastly, you may use the deeper and darker shades of the eye palette on the lash line to create a subtle yet defined eyeliner look to complete the eye makeup. In fact, celebrities today prefer using eyeshadow shades to create a subtle looking lash line eyeliner look as opposed to packing on a jet black eyeliner. Also, the jet black eyeliner look can get outdated soon, and the subtle eyeliner with a fade is extremely popular today. Everyone from influencers to celebrities is embracing this look. 

If your teenager is interested in getting her first eye makeup palette sorted out, then you will definitely want to invest in the best pair of the best nude eyeshadow palette available now on Glamkraze. Don’t tell us that we didn’t help you find one. Of course, we did. Now only purchase and make use of it!