What Signs Show Your Employee Intranet Portal Needs an Upgrade

What Signs Show Your Employee Intranet Portal Needs an Upgrade?

An intranet is a handy and indispensable tool in today’s digital age. Companies set up corporate intranets as a central communication platform to disseminate information and serve as the most trusted and knowledgeable repository for their employees. 

While various new employee portal intranets pop up in the market every day along with added features and new solutions, according to a survey, 57% of employees see no purpose in their company’s intranet. So, just investing in an intranet is not enough. You need to choose the right employee intranet portal for your company or upgrade it at the right time. 

So, what are the signs that show you need to rethink about using your corporate intranet? Is it serving its purpose correctly, or do your employees think it is a waste of time? In this guide, we will discuss the signs that indicate it is time to change your intranet.

Top 4 signs you Need to Upgrade Your Intranet

Low adoption rates: Like a good employee is someone who adds value to an organization, your employee portal must add value to an organization. It should reduce the burden on your employees and help them automate and streamline their tasks. If your intranet portal doesn’t serve its purpose, your employees won’t adopt it. And you have to check how frequently your staff uses the platform and what features they use the most. If you think your staff adoption rate continues to fall over time, it is a sign that either your intranet doesn’t serve its purpose, or it needs to be upgraded with new features that enable your staff to enhance their productivity.

Lack of effective navigation & search engine: The primary purpose of implementing an employee intranet portal in an organization is to make the research easier and enhance work efficiency. But if your employees can’t navigate seamlessly and get adequate information that your team members seek, it is a sign you need to find a better option. Choose an intranet that makes finding relevant information easier and contributes to employee productivity.

Lack of content organization: The best intranet platforms are a knowledgeable repository for the employees. They use it to find the right answer and information to serve the organization in the best possible way. So, your intranet must provide accurate and relevant information to the users. And for this, the quality content present on the employee intranet portal should be well structured and tuned with organization needs. But if your intranet cannot provide the user with the right and most relevant and updated content information, your intranet is of no use. So, perform exhaustive content audits to ensure the accessible content on the corporate intranet is well organized, updated, and structured.

Problems in ‘Search’: A significant reason intranet fails is when it doesn’t offer the ability to search for information. The search features enable your team members to access the right information based on the specific keywords they use. But if your staff find it difficult to access the accurate information they need, it will automatically drop the intranet adoption rate. Hence, ensure your best corporate intranet has an interactive and user-friendly user interface and search option. A robust and efficient search option will fulfill a wide range of goals, including giving the users the exact and accurate information they are searching for, understanding the vocabulary users use to search the data, etc.

The Bottom Line

While these are the signs that indicate you need to rethink using your employee portal, there are many more, including lack of employee collaboration, non-responsive mobile portals, requiring the use of several tools to enhance collaboration, etc. 

Traditional intranets having not-so-useful features and difficult-to-understand processes aren’t used by employees, regardless of the organization size. So, if you really want your intranet to serve its intended purpose, make sure you know why you want to use the intranet and then choose the intranet based on the features it offers to cater to your needs.