What Is The Difference Between A Record Player And Turntable

What Is The Difference Between A Record Player And Turntable

A record player and turntable may leave you confused as not many know the difference between them. You may even have used the terms turntable and record player interchangeably. So, let’s see the difference between these two.


It is a record player component that holds and spins the record. However, you can also purchase a turntable as a standalone unit. Both the turntable and record player are similar. A turntable does not have a built-in amplifier or speakers. You need to buy RCA cables and speakers separately and connect them to the turntable. The turntable has only a few components including the motor, platter, cartridge, stylus and a tone-arm. Usually, it also comes with a pre-amplifier to connect an external component to the turntable.

The stylus running in the grooves transmits vibrations to the cartridge which transmits this information to the preamp. The preamp connected to an external speaker turns this information into sound. The tone-arm holds the stylus and cartridge in place. If you are a fan of vinyl records, you need an external component with your turntable. You can use an external component of your choice to get a better experience. 

Record Player 

It is a complete audio system setup. You can buy a record player with built in speakers. You also get a turntable along with it. However, it requires more space than a turntable. A vinyl record player with built-in speakers is larger and weighs more than a turntable. If you are looking for a portable option then a record player is not for you. You need a dedicated stand in your house for a record player. 

Prepare to pay more for a record player with speakers. The best thing about a record player with built-in speakers is the convenience. You don’t need to buy any additional components. Just plug your record player in and enjoy. Newer fans of the best vinyl player with built-in speakers give more importance to aesthetics than sound quality. 

Record Player or Turntable  

It is not OK to say that one is better than another. Both record players and turntables have their target audience. There are pros and cons of both turntables and record players. Buy a record player if you want to play music without external components. It plays music without any set-up. You simply need to hook it up to enjoy vinyl records. It is important to consider that not all record players come with the best quality components. You will not enjoy the sound quality of the speakers and preamp. Shop from a manufacturer that uses premium quality materials to hand-assemble a unit. Or, buy a unit that allows you to attach external components. 

A turntable provides you with better quality than a record player. Get a turntable if you are more interested in vinyl usually.

At the end of the day, you are to decide if you should buy a turntable or a record player. Compare the pros and cons of both options before placing your order.