What Is A Choker And What To Wear Around Your Neck

What Is A Choker And What To Wear Around Your Neck?

Aa the stylist predicted, the fashionable gold hoop earrings for women and chokers for women are gaining popularity. Almost everyone already knows what a choker is. Unless retired grandmothers will not answer this question. And yet, if you are just starting an excursion into the world of youth fashion, then must read this article about all the features of jewelry. But another question arises: what to wear a choker with? What clothes should you combine a stylish accessory with? 

How to Wear A Choker Correctly? 

1. The jewelry should fit snugly around the neck. Looking in the dictionary, you will find out that “choker” means “strangler, strangler.” This definition denotes the main feature of the jewelry- to wrap the neck tightly. Therefore, chokers are made so that they can be adjusted to the volume of the neck. But the choker should not be allowed to revel in the skin, this makes an unpleasant impression. 

2. The choker should never be worn over clothing! Only on a bare neck!

3. Wear jewelry with outfits that do not cover your neck. Otherwise, there is no reason to use a stylish “collar”, Deep-necked clothing can reveal the beauty of a choker. Off-shoulder dresses and blouses, tank tops, tops will do. Sometimes, by decorating the neck in this way, you can give the neckline a less defiant look. T-shirts must have a sufficiently deep cut. Leave the collar unbuttoned in the shirt. 

4. Choker visually lengthens the neck, makes it more graceful, but remember that the decoration focuses on this part of the body. Therefore, if you have a double chin or flaws in your neck, then you should refrain from using a fashionable accessory. On the other hand, it was under a wide choker that the Princess of Wales hid an ugly scar on her neck. 

5. Until recently, fashion magazines kept repeating you shouldn’t add a choker to business outfits: strict blouses and jackets. Today the situation has changed. On the catwalks, you can see a choker with business trouser suits and blouses. A versatile modern choker- a thin leather cord with a pendant. 

6. Fashion trends suggest combining several jewelry on the neck. One or two silver or 14k gold chain necklace womens of different lengths can be added to the choker with a simple modification. You can combine several of the same type of tattoo chokers, try to combine radically different jewelry. Like the stars do. 

7. Do you have a short neck? Use jewelry with hanging elements and pendants that also stretch your neck. You may also consider giving your best friends some amazing BFF friendship necklaces to solidify the friendship over a long time.

8. To visually lengthen your neck, use a beige, gloden, silver thin choker in harmony with your skin tone. Such a decoration does not cut the neck with a transverse stripe as noticeably, as it happens in the case of a black choker. Consequently, the light colored collar with not shorten the neck. 

9. Wear a wide choker with plunging neckline or off-the-shoulder outfits. By the way, on the catwalks you can often see dresses and blouses that beautifully bare the shoulders. 

10. The V-neck is the most successful for a choker. A denim or leather jacket draped over a t-shirt can create just that look. Do not fasten your favorite blouse or shirt under the very neck, then the jewelry will look very advantageous.