A Useful Checklist for Smokers to Shop from Cannabis Dispensaries

A Useful Checklist for Smokers to Shop from Cannabis Dispensaries

Weed is awesome because its post-consumption impact is way different from synthetic intoxicants. Whether you consume it through smoke, vapors, or edibles, the results will always remain the same. However, hitting intensity and time of impact may vary. The smokable joints and pipes are still the primary preferences of weed lovers despite so many new varieties being available in the market. Here are some significant reasons behind the popularity of smokables:- 

  1. They hit instantly after inhaling a few puffs. You don’t have to wait for 15-30 minutes like edibles to experience the high impact. 
  2. A cannabis dispensary near you can provide more than 100 different varieties of dry buds in Sativa, Indica and Hybrid categories. Currently, around 1000 different types of cannabis strains are available in the world. You will never run out of variety. 
  3. Unlike edibles and vaping liquids, terpenes of cannabis leave release natural flavors only. 
  4. From the perspective of price, the joint is the cheapest and good quality product you can buy from a recreational cannabis dispensary.

Those who prefer smokables should have some basic accessories in their pocket. Here is a list for your convenience. 

A list of useful accessories for cannabis smokers 

  • Weed Crusher

In order to smoke a weed strain, you have to crush it first of all. Weed flowers come in clusters and you have to crush them into fine particles to fill in the paper. Quality is the most important factor to consider while selecting a crusher from a recreational cannabis dispensary. In the market, you will find different types of grinders i.e.

  1. Acrylic grinder
  2. Wooden grinder
  3. Metal grinder
  4. Weed grater 
  5. Electric grinder

Don’t confuse these fancy designs and go with the option of a manually-operated metal grinder. It works most effectively on all types of buds. Also, its maintenance is very convenient. You can use a branded metal weed grinder for years without any defect. 

  • Joint Roller 

Both manual and electric joint rollers are available in the market. We recommend manual rollers because they work efficiently and are very affordable. Choose a branded roller because inferior devices sometimes damage the paper.

  • Ceramic pipe 

Ceramic is the best material for pipe smokers. The options of silicone, plastic and metal and glass are also available but ceramic delivers the best quality. Don’t forget to add some weed pipe filters to the shopping cart while placing an order.

Also, ask if they have the options of flavored joint papers for a change in taste. RAW is the globally leading brand of cannabis smoking accessories. Their product meets the highest quality standards and the price is also genuine.