Most Common Types Of Tights

8 Most Common Types Of Tights

People mostly think that tights are a body sheathing piece of clothing. They cover your body from waist to toe with a tight-fitting, sheer layer made from a lightweight fabric material. This material comes in a variety of colors. However, this information about tights is insufficient if you want to buy tights online. To make the right choice, you have to be aware of different materials used for making tights and different styles and types of tights. This article lists the top 8 types of tights popular among modern women.

Control Tops Tights

If you look at the material and sheer attributes of the tights, you will find control tops tights similar to any other type of tights. However, this type has some important characteristics that differentiate them from other types. Control tops tights can remove the rolls, bumps, and extra lumps in your body. This gives you a smooth, nicely shaped, and beautiful figure. 

Women in the past used to wear girdles to maintain their figures and shapes in check. If you watch movies or TV adaptations from that time, you can find women wearing heavy and restrictive girdles. Control tops tights have made life easier by replacing girdles. These tights hide figure flaws and support your tummy and buttocks.

Seamless Tights

These tights knit legs and panty areas as a single piece. This makes them the most expensive type of tights. This is also the best choice for women looking for sexy hosiery. Seamless tights provide you with the lack of the visible panty line. All women want to avoid this fashion fail. All major brands sell seamless tights in various forms. You can buy seamless tights online in configurations including black or brown, bare-leg look, sheer, textured, or vintage look. 

Support Tights 

Some people also call them a “glamorous granny” piece of clothing from the past. These tights have evolved into an important clothing piece for women of all ages. These tights can partially cover your legs and feet. Full support tights can cover up to your waistline. Wearing compression support tights also provide you with some health benefits. Prolonged periods of standing still and sitting can cause poor circulation or discomfort. This is a daily experience of people working in offices. Support tights support blood circulation and provide relief from heavy aching. These tights prevent problems such as pooling and clotting of blood. Support tights are also beneficial for pregnant ladies with aching and swelling legs. 

Sheer Tights 

Most women wear sheer tights during cold months. Manufacturers are making tights that you can wear under skirts and tunics during the winter. The sheer quality is measured in denier. Lower denier means lower material thickness and weight. The denier in sheer tights usually ranges between 10 to 20. Some sheer tights come in the shinier form and some have a more natural look. Ultra sheer tights are ideal for bare-leg looking or natural finishes. 

Opaque Tights 

Opaque tights and sheer or ultra-sheer tights may have the same material. The difference is a thicker set of denier materials. There can be different configurations of opaque tights including:

  • Semi-opaque 
  • Opaque 
  • Thick opaque 
  • Mega thick opaque 

Levante opaque tights and there are many other stylish options available to you.

Fishnet Tights 

You can easily spot them with diamond-shaped knits. These tights expose considerable skin. Levante fishnet tights and other fishnet tights are for those ladies who want a shapely, elongated, and sexy look.

Footless Tights 

These tights are suitable for girls who love to dance. You can wear them for a dancing class, practice session or a dance performance. Footless tights are the most preferred tights for practical purposes. Made from high-quality, durable material, these tights come in a wide range of colors. You can wear them as casual wear as well. When you visit a website to buy tights online, you will find those footless tights come with a modern, stylish and sleek look. 

Running Tights 

Modern girls engage in running, cycling, and other fitness activities. These tights protect during cold days. Running tights are pretty warmer due to their high Lycra content. The compression feature of these tights promotes better circulation while running and protects your muscles. 

All types of tights come in different color variations. If you want to buy tights online, you can visit a reputed hosiery shop.