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Why the Trend of Sneakers will Never Fade Away?

The U.S Rubber Company came with the world’s first sneaker in the late 1890s and if the sneakers are still holding on in the competitive market, then this long duration of their survival is enough to tell us that nothing can put them out of their deserved place, and especially not when Nike is still present in the game. The brand took the sneakers industry to a completely another level. The big heights were finally reached when the G.O.A.T of the world basketball teamed up with Nike to produce world-class sneakers. In late 1984, the Air Jordan collection was now open for all the fans to buy. Cheap Jordan Shoes Website is one place where you can look for all the Air Jordan collection.

And now continuing with the talk of sneakers, well they are simply unbeatable for these simple reasons:

  1. Street Style

Sneakers were originally introduced for the athletes, but the common public adored them so much that they became a big part of the popular culture within no time. Ever since then they have also evolved as a valuable cultural element of the American streets. This is also why you see American rappers so obsessed about sneakers. So this tells us why sneakers are never going out of mainstream fashion.


  1. Athlete’s Driven Market

We have always idealized our favorite sports people, and majorly they generate their income from endorsing sports brands. The most successful campaign in history has been of Michael Jordan and Nike. A basketball fan getting the hang of sneakers is imaginable, but the unimaginable happened when youngsters all over the world started showing their interest in Air Jordan sneakers.


  1. Status Symbol

If a market researcher would conduct research on this subject, his or hers one of the conclusions would be how people started visualizing a sneaker as a sign of status symbol. Air Jordan; especially have been on top of the list since the last three decades. Michael Jordan still receives his much deserved royalty from Nike. The sales plummeted the Earth’s core and are regarded as one of the most successful brands of all time.


  1. Comfort

It’s all not about the hype, street culture, and status symbol. The sneakers without a doubt are super comfortable. People have now started to wear conventional shoes less as compared to how much they have begun using sneakers.


  1. Exclusivity Factor

Some brands launch their sneakers very cautiously. This is done to maintain the exclusivity of their product. The much hype is created about them, and this engages buyers at a massive scale and also convinces them ready to pay a high price. Celebrities are usually the first ones to get their hands on the latest collection.


  1. Emotional Connection

When the Air Jordan collection was rebooted, the fans of Jordan’s time went mad. Nostalgia could be smelled all over them. Just like this many other fans of their respective idol do form an emotional connection with the product.

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