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Top Five Netflix Series To Watch With Your Besties

Your best friends are the best part of your life and you know damn well that if it were not for them, then your life would become boring as hell. But there is another thing that cannot be denied, that is, Netflix has added more value to your friendship because it continues to provide you and your best friends a lot of quality content that can be best enjoyed when you are with them. That is why we have come up with this list of the top five Netflix series that you must watch with your besties. So without any further ado, let’s get started!


Bloodline is a show about family which seems to be quite close on the surface, but deep down, they all have their secrets. The show takes an amazing turn when an unfortunate incident changes their lives and they begin to suspect each other for what has happened. The show is a gripping thriller drama which is going to keep your mouths shut when the main characters are talking and it will also make sure that you do not drift off when something intense is not going on the screen. You must enjoy the three seasons of the show with your best friends, because The Next Hint has reported that Bloodline Season 4 is not going to happen in the near future.


Rick and Morty is the buddy comedy that you must not skip when you are with your best friends. It is a show about a crazy duo who goes on crazier adventures to form the craziest Netflix animated series of all time. Rick Sanchez and Morty are grandpa and grandson respectively who compliment each other so well that it gets really hard to not see them doing some crazy shit whenever an episode is playing on your screens. You must watch the show if you have not already done that and strengthen the bond with your best friends.


What if we say that you must watch this series with not your best friends, but better friends? Narcos is not everyone’s cup of tea as it is quite dark at moments but the show is fun to watch. So, do watch it with whoever you would like to watch it with.


Netflix’s new superhero release got a lot of flak for being sloppy, slow and what not. But the truth about this show is that it is a good show and can be watched with your friends.


Enough has been said about Breaking Bad and all we got to say about this show to you is that YOU MUST WATCH IT RIGHT NOW IF YOU HAVE NOT ALREADY! It is the best that Netflix has to offer to you and your best friends.

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