Top 7 Vape Mod Kits You Cannot Miss On Black Friday 2020

Top 7 Vape Mod Kits You Cannot Miss On Black Friday 2020

In recent times, vaping has become vogue amongst the millennial crowd. This has propelled the vaping industry into newfound territories of growth and success. The UK had decided to fund some reserch to identify whether vaping could subvert the ills of smoking a bit. With this research’s successful results, the English policy stands on vaping provided a much-needed boost to the industry. 

Not only did the government decide to legalize vaping, but it also made the vaping products accessible to ordinary citizens quickly. The English policy stand on vaping has served as a utopian model for everyone else to follow suit worldwide. If you are unsure of when to kick things up a notch with the top e juices at the best online vape shop, consider the following options regarding vape mod kits.

1. Disposable Vape

Disposable vape is one of the most popular and highly preferred products in the current market. It contains trace amounts of cannabis oil that makes it extremely potent and exciting. Cannabis oil is heated with the help of the batteries attached to the vaporizer. It is the vaporizer that causes thick and full inhalation.

The disposable vape has such a design that it can instantly give you the rush of a good trip within the first few drags. In any case, as the name suggests, the vape is suitable for only one-time use. The users can consume it completely in 2-3 second puffs.

2. Vape Cartridge

Vape cartridge is another popular product that has recently taken a special seating amongst vape lovers of all ages and experiences. This popular fan-favorite also contains trace amounts of cannabis oil, which is why it’s an excellent euphoria experience. 

Vape Cartridge contains a robust set of batteries that provide power to the vaporizer. This vaporizer reacts with the concentrated cannabis oil for inhalation. Each pull of the cartridge is extremely potent and is enough to give you a long-lasting feeling of rush. Like the Disposable vape, the cartridge comes with such a design that users can ultimately use it in 2-3 second drags.

 3. SMOK Mag Grip Kit

SMOK has always been considered a pioneer in the vaping world with its unconventional innovations. With the SMOK Mag Grip Kit, each pull from the mod gives you that unique experience. It contains a typical handheld mod with the exquisite fire key’s SMOK features and the magazine release. 

The mod kit is not all flash and no bang; though it has many features continuing from older versions, newer features have also elevated the overall experience. The OLED screen, the Up/Down buttons underneath are all a result of some out-of-the-box-thinking.

4. Vaporesso Drizzle Fit Kit

If you are looking at mod kits with the flexibility to allow you to switch from MTL to DTL, then Vaporesso Drizzle Fit Kit is the perfect solution for you. It contains an Omni Board Mini that quickly assesses the coil resistance and accordingly sets the vaping wattage mode automatically. It sports the new EUC CCELL coil that is significantly long-lasting and is tuned for a high-nicotine flow. 

This ensures a smoother, purer, and more satisfying hit every time. The mod kit contains adjustable and convenient features such as a top-fill system, top adjustable airflow, and quick charge to give you all you want with the least amount of hassles.

5. GeekVape Aegis Solo 

This 100-watt mod occupies the pole position amongst all box mods, owing to unique features such as IP67 water resistance, dustproof, and shockproof abilities. Despite its usage of a single battery, the Aegis Solo can stun you with its 100W super fast firing. 

Not only that, the mod contains the sophisticated AS-100 chipset that has a range of features to protect you from any possible issues. The mod also includes a suite of modes such as bypass mode and other variable power curves that you can choose from for an enhanced quality trip for those who prefer a customized vaping experience.

6. UWell Evdilo

Evdilo is compatible with 18650, 20700, and 21700 batteries at the outset. For those who believe in good things coming in small packages, the UWell Evdilo’s power and portability are ideal. 

Not impressive enough? Then, the Valyrian 2 tank (arguably the best vape tank), 0.008s quick fire, and lots more will surely fascinate you. The screen does its job, and so does the range of modes that can easily customize your experience.

7. Wismec R80

The mod is stylish in looks and is a 2020 top-rated fan favorite. This pod style mod contains the 510 adapters that can help you to attach any tank you choose. The interchangeable coils also accommodate an adjustable airflow with a firing speed up to 80W. It looks to be a real player for adjusting and customizing itself as a pod mod and a traditional vape mod courtesy of its adjustable features.

The Bottom Line

The list above is neither exhaustive nor conclusive, but it does cover a great deal of what sounds like good quality in the vaping circles. You can opt for any of them and start having a superb experience while vaping.

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