Things to know when buying a refurbished Mac

Things to know when buying a refurbished Mac

Buying Mac can literally burn a hole in your pocket. Whether the price is justified or not is another argument, but the high cost makes it unaffordable for a lot of us. However, if you still want a Mac, but don’t have money to buy a new one, then a refurbished model will suffice your purpose well. However, there are some points to consider before you spend your hard earned money on a refurbished Mac.

Used vs. Refurbished Macs

If you are planning to buy a refurbished Mac, then make sure you don’t end up buying a used one. There are some limited places where you can officially buy refurbished Mac. You can check the official store of Apple or sites like You can enjoy some of the best deals online here.

It is also important to pay close attention to the product description before you hit the buy button. A refurbished Apple is as good as new and if any of the components isn’t functional, then it will immediately be replaced.

Refurbished models have fewer options

Refurbished products are only available when new releases are available. For common products like MacBook Air, it may not be a problem. But if you are looking for a fancy version, then you need to wait for the refurbished model to be available. Similarly, you may have to patiently wait for the newest Mac releases.

Refurbished Macs are available at a low price

If you are planning to save some money on your Mac purchase, the refurbished Mac is the best option for it. You can literally save from 10 to 30% on it, depending on the condition and age of the device. In some cases, you can save around 50% of the amount.

Going for refurbished devices gives you refreshed replacement parts and buyers protection like warranty.

Analyse the condition of the refurbished Mac

When you look for refurbished Mac, you should look at the listing very carefully. Make sure you check the condition of the device and its parts closely. Check out the ratings and pictures closely. No two refurbished Macs will be in similar condition.

Refurbished Macs have short warranties

When you purchase a refurbished Mac from a reliable seller, it carries a warranty period. But, these warranty periods are shorter in comparison to the one which comes with brand new Mac.  In several cases, it will not be more than 90 days, while some stores may offer a 12 month warranty.

So, make sure you find out about the warranty period before buying a refurbished Mac or you are literally putting your investment at risk.

Refurbished Macs are completely tested

Apple follows a stringent testing procedure for its refurbished devices. The hardware and software, both are tested. In case, any part fails the test, it is immediately fixed or replaced, depending on its severity.

Refurbished Macs are clean

Though they may be used at some point, but during the refurb procedure all the devices are cleaned internally and externally.

So, there is nothing wrong in buying refurb devices. Once you are sure that a particular store offers you reliable and genuine refurbished Apple products, you can buy them.