The Power of a Father's Love

The Power of a Father’s Love

If you are looking to find a new exciting read, pick up Issue 1 of the Geiger comic series. The emotions of a family man and the excitement of a nuclear wasteland set the stage for a storyline that will keep you wanting more.

A Family Man

The Geiger series, created by Geoff Johns, taps into the power of love for your family.  The Geiger character lives each day to protect his wife and children locked in a shelter until it is safe to come out. This isn’t just a few days or weeks, this is years after a nuclear bomb attack. As one who was left outside, he has become radioactive and fights each day to survive a wasteland while protecting his family inside the shelter until they can all be reunited one day.

A Monster

Geiger is a human, a man, a father, and a spouse first and foremost but after the bomb changes him and keeps him away from his family, he turns into another character that glows and can become menacing. He lives each day waiting until they can all be reunited, but during this time there are trials and unsavory characters he must combat.

A Hero

As a parent, it is easy to understand the emotions and the necessity of survival in order to protect your children. When tragedy strikes, it doesn’t take much to put on your cape and become a superhero or even a villain if that is what you need to do to keep your family safe.  The Geiger series unites you with tragedy and makes you ponder who you would take care of and risk your own life for in desperate times.

Each issue has a level of artistic craftsmanship that evokes the emotions of the Geiger character as he struggles each day fighting the bad, helping the good, and feeling his sorrow and loneliness for his family. Even when his monstrous side comes out, you are reminded of the man he truly is, what his life has come to, and his new purpose.

Any age and gender who understand love and protection will be captured by the storyline. There is nothing better than to sacrifice and give to protect those loved ones. Written in a sci-fi setting, it resonates with readers no matter if it is fiction. Issue 1 is just the start of this ongoing storyline of a man’s love for his family and the battles he faces in protecting them.