Miu Miu Looks

The Best of Miu Miu Looks That Are Still Dazzling On the Fashion Runways

In the ever-evolving world of fashion, Miu Miu has consistently managed to create influential and inspiring designs. From daring red-carpet gowns to head-turning Street Style, the label has been a leader in the style stakes since its inception in 1992. Today, we take a look at the best Miu Miu looks, with a particular focus on the ones that have taken center stage in street style over the last few years.

Spring/Summer 2016

The spring/summer season of 2016 was perhaps the most defining and inspiring in terms of Miu Miu’s street style look. It marked the debut of the brand’s bold, fashion-forward aesthetic. The collection included a host of playful prints and colors, from eye-catching stripes to bold jewel tones. Standout items included patchwork jackets, wide-leg trousers and daring statement tops. All of which were worn by stylish fashionistas around the world.

Fall/Winter 2017

The fall/winter 2017 collection saw a shift in style for the brand. The silhouettes were less fitted, with an emphasis on oversized and relaxed looks. There were bold colors such as red and electric blue, but the overall aesthetic was more muted than that of the spring/summer 2016 offering. Oversized trench coats, fur-lined capes and slouchy trousers were all abundant in the collection, with look after look making a statement on the fashion runways.

Fall/Winter 2018

The fall/winter 2018 Miu Miu offering was an ode to power dressing. Structured blazers, sharp shirts and tailored trousers were all presented in a range of colors and fabrics, from classic creams to brocade and velvet. The looks were bold, yet certainly wearable, with a sense of timeless sophistication that’s synonymous with the brand.

Spring/Summer 2019

Last year’s spring/summer collection was a playful, eclectic mix. Fringing, beading and logos all featured heavily in the offering, alongside tailored trousers and belted coats. The majority of the looks were presented in a bold color palette of oranges, yellows, and blues. The bohemian-luxe aesthetic that the collection embodied was a refreshing change of pace for the brand.

Celebrity Style

Where would Miu Miu’s street style be without the influence of celebrities? From Gigi Hadid rocking a checked blazer on the runway, to Kendall Jenner stepping out in a range of tailored and jewel-hued pieces, the world’s biggest stars have championed the brand on multiple occasions.


Miu Miu’s street style looks have always been instantly recognizable and aspirational. Whether it’s blazers and trousers for a more sophisticated look, or playful prints for more casual occasions, Miu Miu is a leader in its field. With the label continuously offering stylish, distinct and iconic items, now is as good a time as ever to make a statement with a Miu Miu look for more information visit https://fashionnewzroom.com/


Q: What is the typical style of Miu Miu’s street style? 

A: The typical style of Miu Miu’s street style is a blend of tailored pieces, bold colors and playful prints. The look varies season to season, but always embodies the label’s signature aesthetic.

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