Microblading eyebrows

Points to Recognize Before Trying Microblading

Here we share some things we learned and that you definitely have to know before doing the Microblading. Take note of microblading before and after results. 

Every time a body procedure is performed, it is necessary that you take into account not only the benefits but also the precautions and care to follow. Therefore, here we are going to explain the whole thing you must require to be familiar with about microblading:

The microblading and microshading are manual techniques makeup semi-permanent, mainly applied to eyebrows to maintain a natural appearance 24 hours a day, 365 days of the year.

The microblading techniques are completely natural and three-dimensional because the eyebrows are worked hair by hair. On the other hand, through microshading, we can achieve a more or less dense powdery eyebrow effect, very suitable for covering old permanent makeup.

Benefits of Eyebrow Microblading

If you want to modify your eyebrows’ size, thickness, or shape to achieve a natural look, this semi-permanent makeup technique is the best option.

• Adaptation: it will allow you to modify the design and colours more frequently to adapt to personal changes and trends.

• Less skin damage – Unlike micro-pigmentation, microblading leads to better healing while reducing inflammation, bleeding, and pain.

• Convenience: You will save makeup time every day.

• Compatibility: Don’t give up your image when playing sports.

• Perfection: corrects asymmetry and physical defects.

• Renovation: Change the image subtly and discreetly.

• Younger – Visually improves appearance.


More information about Microblading Treatment 

The average treatment time is between 90 and 120 minutes, and the results of Microblading emerge between 9 months and 2 years. A good doctor take special care of hygiene and professionals ensure that all the materials used are pre-sterilized and discarded after each use.

Scar formation: After the micro-pigmentation treatment, we will find different stages.

• First, the color will darken for two days, then some small scabs will appear, and when they fall off, they will give the feeling that the pigmentation disappears.

• After about 15 days of the treatment day, the color of the eyebrows will reappear.

• Once the brows are fully healed or healed, a touch-up may be required for the final correction. This retouching is recommended to be done after the first month after the first session.

How to clean the eyebrows after Microblading?

After the microblading treatment, the eyebrows should be cleaned with sterile gauze and physiological saline to touch, twice a day for a week. Subsequently, a skinny layer of a moisturizing emulsion should be applied for a week.

What not to do before Microblading?

Before a microblading or shading session, it is recommended to follow the following measures:

• Do not expose to the sun, UV rays, or chemical peels a week before.

• Do not ingest alcohol, coffee, tobacco, or alcohol in the hours before treatment.

• Avoid chemical peels.

If you face any issue after treatment gets in touch with your doctor without any delay.   


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