Natural Eyelash Extensions

Things to Know as a Newbie Before Getting Natural Eyelash Extensions

Well, if we see, then natural eyelash extensions are no longer a secret nowadays. From every Instagram influencer to the YouTube vloggers and Hollywood celebrities, lashes have been a fashion trademark. And as of now,  their truly unique and lightweight feature has allowed more and more people to opt for them. Seeing the huge obsession, natural-looking eyelash extensions are the perfect answer to be 24X7 selfie-ready. However, at the same time, they also demand a considerable amount of TLC. 

So, to help you decide the best and to make sure that you splash those dollars on infills or not, we are here with a quick guide. Keep on reading to know more. 

Know the $$$

Typically, good quality lash extensions are not that cheap, definitely, not less than we can imagine. They can usually cost around $200 to $300, and they last for around 3-4 weeks, relying on how much you take care of them. There comes a time when you actually have to get them refilled, and it will probably cost you half of the total price. Just find a salon offering eyelash extensions in Reno that offers competitive prices. Make sure to check the quality of the lashes you are choosing to be assured and pleased that you are getting the perfect final look. 

Get the right shape 

Most of the women out there generally don’t have any idea that they can even request a different shape that matches their natural curls best. Seeing the two most common options, C curl is known to be more of the dramatic side. Whereas the other one with J curl delivers a natural look. Besides, the material also makes a huge difference! Choose from real human hair, faux mink, silk, and authentic mink styles. 

Prep yourself well

Once you get your lashes done, the foremost thing you need to bear in mind is not exposing your face to water for at least 48-72 hours. Make sure to head to your appointment with no makeup. Avoid curling them with any curler as it will ruin their actual shape. Most likely, every expert suggests avoiding wearing mascara a week before and even after the lashes appointment. All these measures may seem weird to you, but believe us, they make a big difference. 

The process is time consuming

Getting natural eyelash extensions usually takes two hours or more, and you have to keep your eyes closed the entire time. For most of the women out there, it is more of nap time. If you simply can’t make it, we recommend it a perfect time to listen to those meditating sounds or Ted Talks. Talking about the pain, it doesn’t hurt much but can be a bit uncomfortable at times. 

Don’t let the risk come in

It is inevitable! Because every beauty treatment introduced these days has a possibility of your skin getting reacted to the applied products. With natural-looking eyelash extensions, the risk levels are relatively higher, as eyes are among the sensitive parts. So, make sure to invest some time in research and find a lash spa or studio near you that has established a name, and check the user reviews along with it.

Removal is not that easy! 

When it is finally about getting your eyelashes extension removed, experts generally suggest getting it done by a professional. Or else, what happens is that an individual can simply allow them to fall naturally. The only alarming thing to avoid is to never pull them yourself as you may end up hurting your natural lashes as well. Once the lashes are completely removed, apply a pinch of castor oil on the lashes to nourish them and boost repair and growth. At times, it is never a bad idea to give breaks to your lashes. 

Let us know what you prefer – a natural lash or natural-looking eyelash extensions?