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The Best Microblading School to Learn Microblading

Microblading is a relatively new concept but it is becoming popular very quickly. If you are someone who has grown tired of drawing your eyebrows everyday then chances are you have heard of microblading.

It is a semi-permanent procedure where the eye brows are tattooed on the skin. This is a hassle free makeup solution that has helped many people over the years.

if you are enthusiastic about this procedure and want to learn how to do it on other people you will have to learn it. There are many Microblading Schools where you can learn how to do it.

Become a Certified Microblading Artist

To become a successful microblading artist you will have to first get certified. You can do this by enrolling in an accredited microblading course. You need to select the right school so that you get the best training possible.

You should stay clear of cheap and shoddy schools that offer to teach you everything about microblading in a weekend crash course. These are usually scams and do not provide adequate certification.

Instead you should focus on schools that will help you finish close to 100 hours of contact and practice. The school should also have mentors who can actually guide you in this craft and help you hone your skills to draw the perfect brow.

Things You will Learn

When you join a good school you will be instructed in all aspect of this craft, this includes the different anatomy of skin. Since microblading involves tattooing on different people, you will have to understand the basic anatomy of different types of skin so that you can apply the right technique based on the skin type of your client.

The right school will also educate you on different types of color and how to best mix them to get a desired shade. There are many ways to get a particular shade and you will have to come up with different shades based on the client’s hair color.

This will provide you with the technical ‘know-how’ to get the job done. Since microblading involves tattooing, you will have to get acquainted with tattooing equipment.

This includes the different types of needles and tattoo machines. Different needs are used for drawing different textures and patterns. You will require a thorough knowledge of the machine and needles if you want to master this craft.

A good school will teach you how to use the machine and which needle you need to use depending on the situation and client’s requirements.

Take Your Course Seriously

When you attend microblading schools you will have to take your course seriously in order to master the craft. A full-fledged course will take anywhere between a week to ten days to complete. Once you have finished the course you will get your certification which will allow you to practice this profession.

You can try and get an apprenticeship after the course. A reputable school will try and get you your first apprenticeship.

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