Last-Minute Suggestions to Consider Before the PTE Test

No test preparation in the world is ever complete. So is the same about PTE preparation. As the final day comes closer, you will find yourself going through the PTE tips and tricks again, repeatedly self-evaluating through mock tests and fretting over your sudden forgetfulness. 

It happens to everyone and it is fine to feel a little anxious. So, here are some general and specific exam related last moment tips to remember before you hit the examination center. 

  1. Stop feeling frightened about the outcome but also don’t fall for the trap of over-confidence. You have prepared well, and your self-evaluation results are great. But try to maintain a calm and conscious mind. Remind yourself about the PTE strategies and the topics you have prepared & practiced all this while.
  2. Improve your concentration power because the test center is going to be loud and distracting with other applicants also sitting for the exam.
  3. Make a habit of reading, writing, speaking and thinking in English. Forget the elementary translation you did. It will no longer work.
  4. Be completely aware of your weak points but focus on your strengths.
  5. You have been preparing for the exam and learning about PTE tips and tricks for months. On the last day don’t get into the lessons or tests. Take the time to relax your mind, lift your mood, eat well and get proper sleep.
  6. Remember to reach your test center a bit early on the exam day as you will need some time for registration before the exam starts. Don’t get distracted by rushing into the exam. Make sure to carry your passport with you.
  7. You will get a break of 10 minutes during the test. Even if you don’t leave your seat you can stay quiet and just relax. Take your mind off from the questions you have already answered and buckle up for the next part i.e., Listening.
  8. Once you get your seat, check your headphones, keyboard and microphone & pens. Make sure they are working fine
  9. Always allow time to revise your answer. Check for grammar, spelling, punctuations and typos.
  10. Be attentive to the timer while you answer the question. Make use of PTE strategies to save time and perform productively. 

pte tips

Last-Minute tips for PTE Exam

Speaking Section:

  • Don’t stress whether you will understand the accent. Believe in your preparation. 
  • Speak loudly & clearly enough to be audible for the computer and keep your tone neutral. Don’t panic and speak at a normal speed to get a full score.
  • Do not stop speaking midway if you make a mistake. Don’t let one mistake spoil the whole test
  • Practice pronouncing difficult words 
  • Follow PTE strategies mindfully while answering the questions in the section

Writing Section:

  • The main hurdle here is the typing speed. Use time management strategies to clear this section easily.
  • Use readymade templates & structures to save time and maintain the right writing format
  • Read the question well before you start answering. If you end up misunderstanding the topic you will not get enough time to rectify
  • Make sure to maintain the word limit. 
  • For summarizing text make sure to write in one sentence with at least 5 words and maximum 75 words with proper use of punctuation

Reading Section:

  • Keep within the time limit (32- 41minutes) to answer all the questions. 
  • Keep the focus on the questions with negative markings. Follow PTE tips and tricks to handle these questions well
  • Brush up your grammar skills until the last day. 

Listening Section:

  • Concentrate on the audio clips. To improve your concentration power, ensure to give enough rest to your mind and body. 
  • Learn to focus your attention in a chaotic surrounding. 
  • Catch up on important key phrases and points used in the audio clips. It will help you remember and present the idea more precisely.

PTE strategies make your preparation more convincing and give you the self-confidence you need to ace the test. So, always make sure to practice and brush up on each track before the final day.