Know When to Hire an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney for Pedestrian Accidents

Know When to Hire an Experienced Personal Injury Attorney for Pedestrian Accidents

At times, whenever many of you plan to walk around locally as a pedestrian or get behind the wheel; you can definitely weigh the risk of being a part of a road accident. Even if you understand the same or not, you accommodate your behaviour accordingly based on our recognized level of risk. Be it proceeding with a higher level of caution or with a heightened scale of awareness; one has to adjust themselves. 

When most people think of circumstances where they were most at risk of an injury or an accident, they might imagine a highway, ramp, or a busy intersection. Or else, it could be a situation linked to bad climatic conditions or other high-risk environmental aspects. With this, a parking lot could be something that may not come sooner to anyone’s mind. 

According to the National Safety Council, India, several distractions during driving have already given rise to more than 50,000 crashes in parking lots, resulting in more than a million injuries and 500 deaths. In the majority of the cases, the driver was found liable for the injuries caused to the pedestrians. Now, this is something far more serious than we all can imagine. After all, unprotected pedestrians are more at risk of having an accident or injury and even death. Common reasons that most of the experienced personal injury attorneys have shared to date are as follows: 

  • A reversing vehicle crashes into pedestrians. 
  • An accelerating vehicle collides with a person walking around. 
  • Or sometimes, a driverless car collides with a pedestrian. (Mostly, when the car is not parked properly or left unattended in driving mode). 

If something similar has lately happened with you, the first and most obvious step is to park the vehicle aside. Next, reach for the nearest medical emergency facility and have a lawyer for personal injury by your side. In the United States, we all are pretty much familiar with the fact that distractions during driving are strictly prohibited. Unfortunately, however, many individuals ignore this law, especially in and around the parking lots. ṣ

Another evident step that drivers can accommodate is to recheck the blind spots and angles when backing out in the parking lot. Did you know that it is the second most common cause of parking lot incidents? We bet you didn’t! Or else, you can rely on rear cameras like technology to look at both sides before proceeding. Finally, avoid dimly lit and crowded areas as the jam-packed exits and entrances of parking lots are always at a high risk of accidents. 

On the other hand, if you are an injured pedestrian, you need to consider hiring an affordable personal injury lawyer who can advise you what to do next and prove the driver’s fault in front of the legal authorities. Remember that pedestrian incidents demand different elements as evidence, which an experienced lawyer can only manage. Also, your lawyer will be there to negotiate with the insurance provider in case you are trying to make a settlement while taking the lost income, medical bills, pain, suffering, and long-term impairments into consideration. So there’s no chance that your lawyer is going to let you settle too soon. 

On top of everything mentioned earlier, as a sufferer, you need to know that just like other personal injury lawsuits, files related to pedestrian accidents also have a statute of limitations. This way, you can quickly check with your lawyer and take action accordingly within the relevant legal deadlines and time limitations. 

Ultimately, it is important to know and understand what to expect in your lawsuit, and only a personal injury attorney can benefit you in that case. We have to mention that by having a reliable lawyer by your side, you can receive the compensation you rightfully deserve.