Know Everything About Sunless Tan

Know Everything About Sunless Tan: Airbrush Tanning & Spray Tanning

Everybody loves feeling attractive. And achieving natural tan has come out as one of the most popular steps of getting into this affection. Well, getting naturally tanned is not possible for each one of us. If not everyone then, especially the people of Oklahoma City in the US, finds it really difficult to get exposed to sunlight due to the cold weather for a year. Well if you are in the same boat then don’t you worry because we got you covered.

Sunless tanning is the answer for all those who love the sun-tanned look but are unable to get that naturally. All it takes is pepper execution of the sunless tanning process to make your skin look beautiful and bronzed. Talking about the ways, sunless tanning is generally done either by airbrush or spray booth. Airbrush training in OKC is quite a popular way of getting naturally tanned. 

There are women who are partially aligned towards the process of spray tanning in Oklahoma city as well and the reason behind the popularity of both these methods is the fact that they are UV-free. Hence this makes these processes lessen the chance of skin aging or any skin disease. 

All those who are a newbie at sunless tanning generally come up with one basic question, which one of the two is better for getting a sunless tan? To answer this question here is the most requested comparison for both the methods of getting sunless tan.

Airbrush Tanning?

When we talk about airbrush tanning in OKC, it is exactly what the name says. Yes, you understood it right. Airbrush tanning is getting tanned through an airbrush under the vigilance of some experts. This is by far the easiest and cheapest mode of attaining natural tan artificially. 

The process involves getting spray painted through an airbrush all over the body under the mindfulness of tanning experts. Whenever you see a celebrity showcasing their naturally tanned skin, the so-called ‘natural tan’ is attained from nowhere but the airbrush tanning process. The chemicals involved in the process are UV-free and help you maintain the tan over time. 

The perks of airbrush tanning in OKC are as follows –

  • The whole process takes place under the vigilance of a professional.
  • You get to decide the level of tanning on different parts of your body.
  • The process involves a patch test and if there are any allergies caused, they can be easily rectified.
  • The controlled application allows getting the ease of access for areas like under the breasts, inner thighs, etc.

Spray Tanning

As we are evolving, we are basically letting robots take over humans. The same is what happens when we choose spray tanning over airbrush tanning. During spray tanning, a booth and some nozzles are used to apply the tan solution all over your body. Technically speaking, a booth refers to a fitted enclosure that has spray nozzles at its ends. 

The person willing to get tanned is asked to go in the booth naked and is expected to move at certain angles from time to time. With calculated spray bursts from nozzles, the tan solution gets sprayed all over the body of the person. And this is how the process comes to conclusion without the presence of a professional. 

Here are the perks of spray tanning –

  • The process is time-savvy as the amount of spray is pre-calculated.
  • The instructions are given through a speaker to help you in moving to attain tan solution all over.
  • The chances of getting an unequal tan are negligible.

Out of the two, airbrush tanning is generally preferred over the other as it is safe and hygienic. The tan attained is fine enough to match our skin tone. Therefore make a choice wisely.