Summer Utility Bills

How to Cut Your Summer Utility Bills

Summer is here! It is a time of great joy and carefree relaxation. The sun is bright and beautiful. There are many fun activities to enjoy in summer still the only thing that could dampen your plans is your bank account. Especially when you think about the increase in the utility bills, you would prefer to stick to winter to reduce cost. Don’t fret! We are sharing a few tips on how to cut your summer utility bills.

Why is my electricity bill so high in the summer? 

As the summer season enters, so does a time of increased utility bills. However, this can be due to different reasons. For instance; unused devices that remain plugged in electricity can lead to higher bills. Many people utilize lights in their ceiling fans. These lights may appear bright and light up rooms in their entirety, but they drain electricity and are not as effective as a simple lamp. Appliances may frequently be used, but not up to full capacity, or they might be old and outdated, draining unnecessary amounts of electricity. These are all factors that can lead to increased utility bills year-round, but the summer can become much worse. Due to more time spent outside, we tend to use washing machines because of the increased amount of dirty clothes. Showers may run more frequently to maintain with the general outdoor action. If a house is not well insulated in the summer, cold air can more easily escape, forcing the air conditioning unit to work much harder to keep the house cold. These are all factors that can lead to a more expensive utility bill, but there is a way to limit these expenses.

What appliances cost the most money to run? 

One way to limit utility and electric bills is to look at what appliances utilize the most energy. The most common devices that consume more electricity are the central air conditioning unit and the electric water heater. These are two items that are generally used more than any other appliances during the warmer and summer seasons. A typical air conditioning unit in a summer season can cost about 60 dollars a month on the electricity bill. It is always accounting individually for the highest expense on an electricity bill.

That is why taking precautions to prevent your electricity from rising in the summer is strongly suggested. One definite way to do so is by subscribing to a renewable energy plan from Pulse Power.

During summer, air conditioner units are tasked with cooling entire buildings and rooms and maintaining an optimal temperature. Electricity is consumed more to power on these units, making them the most expensive utilities and appliances on the monthly electric bill. Another device that requires high energy is the water heater. It is necessary for washing hands, bathing, and showering. The process of heating water to optimal and required temperatures is an energy-intensive project, causing an uptick in pricing for water heaters and electric bills in the summer months.

Tips to cut your summer utility bill 

Though the utility bill during the summer may appear daunting, there are ways to limit it. By lowering the amount of power utilities need to function, a person can drastically decrease their utility bill. Using energy-efficient light bulbs and appliances will also lead to lower prices, as energy usage is limited. And by pairing these energy-efficient products with inexpensive and reliable electricity companies such as Oncor. Other, more personal ways to lower electric and utility bills are available. Limiting sunlight with blackout curtains and placing ice in front of a fan can help to keep houses and rooms cold during the heat of the summer, without having to drain the air conditioning unit.

Although reducing your summer utilities bill appears almost impossible, you can try to spend more time outdoors to reduce the cost of electricity bills. It is more efficient.