How Advanced TV pulled the plug on linear TV

How Advanced TV pulled the plug on linear TV

Television has changed so much in recent years – so much so that we longer just watch TV on an actual TV – with many streaming methods and devices becoming available. Many people have started pulling the cable on linear TV and have switched to advanced streaming methods like login/begin. Here’s why.

What is linear TV?

Linear TV is the conventional method of watching television, whereby a consumer views TV or a television program that is broadcast on a TV channel at a scheduled time through satellite or cable television. Linear TV provides TV material to viewers through subscriptions to cable or satellite services, as well as over the air TV broadcasting.

This way of watching television is referred to as ‘linear’ because it means viewers can only see programs that are scheduled by the broadcaster at specific times, and so they must tune in to a single TV station at a specific time to view their desired programming or TV show.

What is advanced TV? OTT

Advanced TV refers to all non traditional TV, or non-linear TV. It is the umbrella term that covers all forms of modern streaming television like OTT, advanced tv targeting and connected TV and view jobshost.

OTT – Over the top TV

OTT refers to television material that is streamed over the internet. It is possible to gain access to material without the help of cable or satellite providers. Content may be streamed to a TV or any other internet-connected device by anybody with an internet connection and a suitable hardware device.

Why advanced/OTT television is so popular

OTT services provide users with complete control over their viewing as well as access to a huge range of the best quality content in the form of television series and films. OTT allows users to effortlessly personalize their viewing and consumption experience by allowing them to choose from a variety of accessible titles, which allows consumers to take control of the situation and get right to what they want to consume.

Moreover, users have the ability to watch content on any device and even multiple devices at any one time, as well as being able to watch all content at any time and from any location around the world.

Is linear TV still popular?

Linear television is still popular among viewers when it comes to live TV and events, including live sports where viewers tune in at the same time to view something as it airs. Many streaming providers are competing for a piece of the live sports market, but due to technological restrictions such as greater latency, linear TV remains on top as the market leader.

Advertising: Advanced vs Linear

Because of the numerous commercials and ad breaks, watching linear television may be boring and too annoying for some viewers. Many viewers find advertising to be obtrusive since they are often uninterested in the advertisements that are broadcast. Advertisers have begun to realize the demand for more ads and advertising experiences that are data driven, targeted and more creative, which is made completely possible with advanced TV and OTT television opportunities. For more tech news update you can consider