semi permanent make up courses

A Comprehensive Guide On Popular Semi Permanent Make Up Courses

Why do you mean by Semi Permanent Makeup?

Semi-permanent makeup is a modern technical treatment for enhancing the eyes, eyebrows, lips, and complexion. The technique involves injecting a pigmentation into the skin.

The pigment is injected into the most superficial areas of the skin by a small and thin vibrating needle. It can be a painful method, so an anesthetic cream is used to numb the treatment area before the treatment.

You need skills to do the work efficiently for rendering the best service. To be a makeup artist, you need to get a professional certificate. The potential or interested students can apply for various Semi Permanent Makeup Courses available on the online platforms.


The prices of semi-permanent makeup differ from salon to salon. The price varies, determining the expertise of the salon. The price generally starts from 100 Rupees to 1000 Rupees. However, it is advisable to have a reasonable budget for a better procedure, starting from eyebrows to other facial structures.

The general price or procedure for the semi permanent makeup courses lies between 25000 Rupees to 50,000 Rupees for a two-hour class every day.

Longevity of The Procedure:

The longevity highly depends on the machines and techniques the artists use. It entirely depends on the quality and absorption of the pigment in the body.

Semi-permanent makeup generally lasts for eighteen months, but it can be long enough only when you will go for a regular top-up touch and maintain yourself properly and take care of the skin. When you use better makeup products for work, you may touch up after four or five years even.

Best Semi-Permanent Makeup Course:

  • Microblading: This course trains people to learn various blading skills and tools to sketch proper eyebrows. The courses ensure proper training and a comprehensive micro-blading certification to give the training procedure a success and motivate the workers. 
  • Powder Brows: This course enabled the artist to excel in their skills and called as professionals by adding it as a specialty in the person’s portfolio, which adds a solid point to the person’s success. 
  • Eyelash Extension: Eyelashes play a vital role in the appearance of the person. You need a proper course in eyelash extension to know the actual techniques to extend the eyelash to the required manner and suit the person. 
  • Lip Correction: Lip correction is a very delicate and vital part of a better appearance. It is a cosmetic process that is necessary to improve the person’s look by intensifying the color and shape of the lips. It also helps you to get rid of any discoloration of the lips.

Benefits of the Courses:

  • The courses extend and strive to make professional artist who knows their job. 
  • The courses don’t only provide theoretical knowledge but also practical demos under the guidance of the senior teachers. 
  • The institutions don’t develop a pool of students in one class. They divide the students into small groups to give them a better understanding. 
  • The institutions provide complete support to motivate the students.

To conclude, one can say that it is essential to learn the technique to render the best service to the people!

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