Got Injured in a Supermarket

Got Injured in a Supermarket? Here’s What to Do Next


The number of supermarket accidents and injuries is surprisingly high, and not as uncommon as you may think. As most of the renowned personal injury law firm experts share, most people will sustain some type of injury in their life, , even those which cause severe pain and are serious enough for medical intervention. Additionally, the victim has a long and unexpected time off from work. 

Have you also been injured in a similar accident? Wishing to get your claim compensation approved? We completely understand that it can be a daunting task as larger supermarket chains/businesses can make it difficult for compensation approval. So, what’s next?

While shopping around a supermarket, most individuals reasonably expect that the environment will be safe. Meaning, there are very rare instances of unexpected hazards. When these accidents do happen, the victim can claim or request compensation from the supermarket for their injuries. However, this doesn’t absolve the individual from watching for issues/problems beyond one’s control. 

On the whole, supermarkets should be a safe place to be. Unfortunately, this is not always the case, and many individuals experience injuries while in supermarkets. Here are a few of the most common injuries that can happen in the supermarket, and whether you can claim compensation for them or not. 

Supermarkets have many reasons to mop the floor now and then, especially during opening hours. It allows employees to clean up spills and other accidents. Wherever the floor is wet, the area needs to be marked with safety cones, both while cleaning and drying, to ensure customers can easily identify that the surface is wet. Failing to do so can lead to accidents, and making claiming compensation easier. 

  • Spillages 

There may be times when other customers might bump into a display or drop something unexpectedly. This increases the risk of spills, making the floor wet, which is dangerous. We have all seen that spills are quite common in supermarkets,even with supermarkets trying to avoid negligent accidents. On the other hand, the chances are that spills are not that visible and are a real hazard. Generally, supermarkets are responsible for maintaining cleanliness and safety in an efficient manner, avoiding spills or other mishaps. If they fail to do so or take inadequate action against them, the victim can claim compensation. 

  • Trip hazards and Poor Climatic Conditions 

Uneven surfaces and missing tiles are common across supermarkets; they create an obstacle for customers. Most likely, top personal injury lawyers have also shared that carts or electrical wires left across the floor can quickly turn into a hazard. As they affect or damage the flooring over time, supermarkets need to ensure that no one gets injured by tripping over uneven surfaces. 

So, if you have tripped or fallen and got injured, certainly, you are entitled to compensation. To ascertain whether the claim is valid, you better have a dedicated Boston personal injury law firm to help give you the right advice. Also, there can be occasions when weather conditions outside might not be favorable and cause an injury. For instance, unexpected rain or snowfall may result in water being tracked into the store by wet feet. This may naturally lead to some areas of wet flooring, leading to slip and fall accidents. If you see that the supermarket does not have a particular cleaning schedule that eliminates the risk of all slip and fall incidents and hazards, you, as a victim, may get a valid claim. 

The best way to recognize whether you can claim valid compensation against a supermarket for an accident or injury is to consult a reputable personal injury law firm that can help you better understand the situation and get the compensation you deserve.