Everything You Want in Your Camper

Everything You Want in Your Camper

When it comes to camper and RV life, most people seem to think one of two ways about it. Either they believe it will be a cakewalk and a dream to experience, or they think it is all but impossible to enjoy. Thank goodness there are cool gadgets and incredibly useful accessories to make camper life much, much easier. Here is a categorized look into all the things you want in your camper room by room.

Kitchen and Dining Area:

Unless you’re planning on spending a fortune on takeout, then you’ll want to look into investing in some simply but seriously helpful small space kitchenware. Here are a few:

  • Collapsible Strainer
  • Collapsible Measuring Cups
  • Over the Sink Dish Drainer
  • Drawer and Cabinet Organizers
  • Lazy Susans/ Turnabouts
  • Nesting Mixing Bowls

These items will save you some space, and that’s important in a camper or RV. But there are also small appliances and other cookware and accessories that you’ll want too. And don’t forget the non-breakable dinnerware. Here are some other must-have camper cooking items:

  • Stovetop Cover
  • Microwave Cover
  • Instant Pot
  • Compact RV Dishwasher

Shower and Bathroom:

Camper and RV bathrooms are almost always teeny tiny. So finding ways and things to help maximize your space in there is a big deal. Plus no one likes stubbing a toe trying to use the toilet in the middle of the night. You’ll definitely want these in your camper lavatory:

  • Hanging Mesh Pocketed Shower Organizer
  • Expanded Shower Curtain Rod
  • Drain Cover/Hair Blocker
  • RV Toilet Paper (Yes, it’s that important!)
  • Septic Tank Cleaning Solution
  • Motion Sensor Night Light
  • Over the Door Towel Ladder

Bedroom and Relaxing Areas:

Whether it’s the bunker over the cab or a king-size master bedroom, there is still a definite need for things to make the sleeping spots more relaxing in your camper or RV. One of the most important is to find the best RV mattress for your camper or RV. It’s so critical to have a good mattress, even on the road. Here are a few other things you’ll want in your sleeping areas:

  • Easy to Install RV Bedsheets
  • Mini Dehumidifier
  • Surge Protectors
  • Blackout Curtains
  • USB Clip Fans
  • Bedside Caddy

Laundry and Cleaning:

Cleaning can be quite a hassle in tight quarters. And it can be challenging to achieve satisfactory cleanliness without using full-size cleaning stuff! The solution is to have things like these for cleaning and laundry:

  • Command Hook Broom and Mop Holders
  • Thin Clothes Hangers
  • Trial and Travel Size Bottles for everyday use (with full-size bottles stored out of the way)
  • Compact RV Washing Machine
  • Retractable Clothes Line
  • Hanging Clothes Hamper

Storage, Organization, and Everything Else:

One of the greatest challenges in living or even just vacationing in a camper or RV is finding ways to keep everything you need neatly organized and easily accessible to use without it being in the way and you’re tripping over stuff. These things are exactly what you want to solve that challenge once and for all.

  • Vacuum Seal Bags
  • Hanging Closet Organizers
  • Over the Door Hooks and Organizers
  • Command Strips
  • Command Hooks
  • A Pegboard
  • Larger Drawer Organizers and Dividers
  • Under the Shelf Basket
  • Over the Seat Organizers
  • Under the Bed Storage
  • Collapsible Storage Bins
  • Hooks for the walls and ceiling

Closing Thoughts:

Spending time in a camper or RV has its challenges, no doubt, but it also has a great many rewards that come along with it too. So whether you’re traveling along with a big family, just a few friends, or even traveling solo, don’t make life on the road harder than it needs to be. Invest in at least some of the things on this list to have the experiences you really want in your camper.