Different Gadgets for Bookworms in 2023

Reading is one of the best habits for people who want to train their brains and improve their memory. There are many other benefits for people who read books. You can look for different gadgets for yourself or bibliophiles in your circle, family, and at work so that they can enjoy reading books whenever they can.

Have a look at the following gadgets that are available on Amazon to enhance your reading experience.

TILISMA Book Page Holder     

This gadget provides a convenient reading experience and holds pages in your book wide open with one hand. This way, you can enjoy reading your favorite book, enjoying your coffee, or doing other tasks. A gadget is designed to make it compact, portable, and easy to use.

All you need to do is slide it in your thumb, select the book you want to read, and let the gadget keep it open.

However, you cannot use this gadget as a book weight. The best thing about the gadget is that it is made from the finest wood and has been created by the masters of the trade so that you can stay comfortable while reading your book.

Vont Book Light

The gadget provides you with the perfect 60 Lumen Warm and White light, making it the best book light. It provides the best light to help you enjoy reading without putting too much strain on your eyes. Besides this, the book light provides a single-button operation so that you can easily toggle between low, medium, and high levels of light whenever you want to read something.

Apart from this, if you read at night before sleeping, you can do so without disturbing your partner/roommate. This can be done with the light’s 6 LED bulb arrangement that lets you enjoy an even beam of light and avoids dull spots and too much brightness. The LEDs also give out private lighting so that you can enjoy reading without disturbing other people in the room.

Other cool features of the gadget the book light offers include a non-slip clamp stand and 360° Goose-Neck that projects light right where you want it.

Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug 2

The Ember Temperature Control Smart Mug has an extended battery life to let you drink at your preferred temperature, which gets around120°F – 145°F. The best thing about this temperature control mug is that you can use it for around 80 minutes on a full charge or throughout the day using its redesigned charging coaster.

You can pair it with the Ember app to set the temperature, customize presets, etc. Besides this, the self-heating mug can work without the app and remembers the temperature you have used recently. Apart from this, the gadget comes with IPX7 technology and is fully submersible to around 1 meter.

It is a perfect gift for someone who loves to have coffee and other beverages while reading books, eBooks, etc. You can buy this gadget from Amazon using HughesNet internet very easily. HughesNet provides affordable internet via their spectrum plans to customers in the U.S.

Kindle Paperwhite

This is a perfect gadget for people who love reading while traveling or sitting idly at work or college. It provides users 10-week battery life and 20 percent faster page turns for a better reading experience. The flush-front design and the 300 ppi glare-free display allow readers to read as if they are reading on paper. Even if they are sitting or traveling on a bright sunny day, their reading experience will stay amazing.

Apart from this, to save the gadget from accidental immersion in water, you can experience waterproof reading. Hence, users can read in the shower or at the beach. Overall, the gadget is the best pick for people who want to read as a hobby or to kill boredom at any time.


There are numerous gadgets on Amazon for readers in 2023. You can look at the ones mentioned above or look for other options on display on Amazon.

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