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Development of Sales Force Technology Due To Corona Virus Crisis

The crisis that the world is going through is something that was beyond our imagination. For a couple of months, almost everything stopped, the economy rate has gone from bad to worse.

People, however, are learning to live with the virus that is taking over the world. Most places have slowly opened up and are now also conducting meetings and gatherings with various precautions.

On the other hand, the business field has taken up various other measures to support its employees even though a substantial number of people have already lost their jobs.

How are Individual Business Firms Handling the Crisis?

The new norm today is working from home or updating statuses on various apps that help maintain work. The main help that a company can consider is from a Sales Employee tracking app

A Sales Employee Tracking app does direct tracing, identifying employees working on behalf of the company and classifying those affected with the virusPreviously the apps like these may not have had facilities helping in this crisis, and now various updates are making things like this possible.

If an employee, for example, is testing positive for COVID 19, then the company’s human resource is reported. The human resource then checks the data from the app to check other employee’s phones that may have come in contact.

After checking every detail from the app, employees that may have come in contact or may have mild symptoms can be sent home for a break.

Updates like these in various Sales Employee Tracking App are being a big help today for multiple companies.


Along with Providing Help, Specific Backdrops Come with the App:

  • Only around the office campus will monitoring take place. Many companies have complained that testing or finding an affected employee is possible only on the office premises. The only option that can be applied here will be choosing an app that would allow safety measures even beyond the office campus.
  • Individual companies have also complained of the employees not wanting to use such apps due to complicated methods. A tracking app mostly has a lot of work to do. Hence, if an employee gets lesser help while operating the app, they will not want to use it.
  • Certain complain of data not being shown accurately is another backdrop in not so popular tracking apps.

To avoid all of the issues mentioned, one must check the company’s necessities and the employees.

On the other hand, a Sales Employee Tracking Appis proving to be beneficial to multiple organizations that are still sending employees on the field to work.

Due to the Corona virus crisis, most of the work done is online, and customers prefer daily chores online as well. A simple task like shopping, ordering food, and also multiple other housework has online availability.

Due to these reasons, many companies have invested in apps that help track online activity without the need for paperwork or customer interaction.

A team manager can easily see updated results of each employee’s assigned task for the day. All the employee needs to do is update each task after completing.

The customer also is spared with the inconvenience of paperwork and is sent an invoice on the phone. Cashless transaction is there now. Therefore an immediate online payment is also made and received by the company.

If the team manager has other work assigned for the employee, then location tracking is another way to assign different tasks. If an employee is near a specific location where payment collection is pending, it can easily show the employee’s position.

Despite the benefits and drawbacks, some specific rules or guidelines are in place to protect the company or the business firm. It is necessary to check the legal procedures before checking employees’ details or registering them on particular apps.


Unfortunately, the COVID 19 crisis is something that can continue, and no one knows when things will get back to normal. It is difficult for small businesses to run without proper apps that would benefit against investment.

Until then, taking precautions and working is all one can do. Hence, a company has to be smart enough to choose the right app for their business to progress.