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Design Comparison: Engagement rings Vs Wedding rings

An engagement ring and a wedding ring hold great significance in everyone’s lives. They are a symbolic representation to a new beginning with your partner. This sheer greatness often leads to a confusion in picking out the differences between the two rings.

It is a known fact that an engagement ring is used to propose to your partner and state your love, and a wedding ring is used to embark on the journey of marital bliss. The following are certain points that will guide you in marking out the fundamental differences in between the designs of an engagement ring and that of a wedding ring.

  • An engagement ring carries more grandiose than a wedding ring. An engagement ring usually has one big stone in the centre, or a set of small stones in an array. On the other hand, a wedding ring is designed in such a way that it oozes soberness.
  • The design of the wedding ring is supposed to complement the engagement ring. Hence, it is kept more simple and subtle. Engagement rings in Hatton Garden are often found in the pairs of wedding rings, so that it becomes easy to picture the design of both.
  • An engagement ring is typically adorned with diamonds and precious stones such as sapphires. It increases the lustre of the ring and thus, catches attention of most of the people. Whereas, a wedding ring is devoid of any stone, unless you want to embed a stone or diamond on it.
  • You can find a lot of intricate work of art on an engagement ring. People choose to engrave things that hold sentimental value to them on the engagement ring. A wedding ring is however, kept plain and the focus is more on the quality of metal used and carat size.
  • The design of an engagement ring is targeted to be unique as it is a confession of love to your partner and your subsequent desire to get hitched. A wedding ring is a more formal manner of conveying your commitment towards the relationship.
  • A wedding ring looks like a classic band such as a rose gold ring. It may also be studded with small diamonds, such as that in a white gold eternity ring, depending upon the preference of the person. The design of an engagement ring must be selected keeping in mind the choice and fashion taste of your partner.

Now, you are ready to shop for a wedding ring and engagement rings Hatton Gardens. Go through the innumerable varieties and designs, and allow yourself some time to select the best. Afterall, it is an investment for life and a way to satiate your partner’s happiness. You can go with the latest ongoing trends, or create your own design. Remember that there is no fixed rule to choosing a design. A design is something close to your heart and that gives meaning to your relationship. Embrace the rings and set a benchmark of love for your partner.