Considerable Tips Before Hiring Office Cleaning Service Providers

Considerable Tips Before Hiring Office Cleaning Service Providers

Are you looking for proficient office cleaning staff to maintain adequate sanitary conditions? Well, it is the expectation of every business owner but not everyone is fortunate enough to find reliable people. Cleanness quality has become a big concern amid COVID-19 pandemic. Even after reducing the number of infected people, the threat is still persisting. A small negligence may turn your office or manufacturing plant into the next epicenter of COVID spread. In order to avoid such circumstances, it becomes necessary to find commercial cleaning staff wisely. Here we have some tips to help you. 

Search for registered cleaning companies 

First of all, search for cleaning service provider agencies holding specialization in handling commercial buildings only. Residential cleaners may not give you a satisfactory experience. Only choose certified companies of office cleaning services in Dallas holding licenses and have qualified staff. 

Equipment and solutions

Make sure that the cleaning service company has modern and powerful equipment to work faster with high precision. Also, gain some knowledge about their cleaning solutions like liquid chemicals. Prefer a company using eco-friendly cleaning solutions only. 

Get quotes and compare

Approach all possible options currently serving in your locality instead of choosing any randon company. Get quotes regarding services like drainage cleaning, carpet cleaning, disinfection and concrete floor cleaning service near you. Compare their service charges with other companies. While doing comparison, don’t forget to consider the services list. 

Consider disinfection services in priority

Amid COVID pandemic, consider disinfection services in your priority list. This is the new addition in your regular cleaning services list. The disinfection system should be robust enough to block every single potential threat outside the workplace. Install a disinfecting gateway on the entrance of your workplace complex. Also equip your entrance with infrared thermal scanners to read the temperature of every single visitor. Install hand sanitizers at every hotspot such as washroom, pantry area and department entrance. Also, don’t forget to install UV lamps inside the building but use them only in the absence of employees. 

Specify regular and interval cleaning services

Clearly specify the list of regular as well as services that you require in intervals. For instance, machinery dusting, floor cleaning, furniture cleaning and toilet cleaning are the regular services. However, your office also needs carpet cleaning, windows cleaning and roof cleaning services after a certain interval. Clarify all these things and mention them on the contract form. 

Don’t compromise with cleaning service quality during this sensitive situation. Invest in the best janitorial service company but choose wisely after considering all the above-mentioned factors.