The common mistakes that can ruin your clothes

Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Clothes

Whether you love wearing a specific brand offering expensive ranges of clothing or you prefer to try every new trend introduced by a fast fashion brand, you want to keep your personal collection of stylish clothing well organized. Closet velvet hangers and there are a few other ways to keep your pants, shirts, skirts, and other items organized and free from wrinkles. However, not intentionally, you make some mistakes and get your favorite clothes ruined. Make sure that you are avoiding the following mistakes that can ruin your clothing.  

Using hangers that are too small 

You are invited to a birthday party and you decide to wear your favorite white shirt. However, when you remove the hanger from your closet, you find dents on the shoulders after the shirt has been left hanging for long. These dents occur when the plastic or wire hangers are too narrow, leaving the garment unsupported. Weight distributed over the ends of the hanger causes indentations in the clothing. This is irreversible damage. 

Discoloration from the metal is another problem caused by wire hangers. So, avoid using metal hangers. You can use closet velvet hangers with clips or wooden hangers. 

Folding pants instead of hanging 

When space is limited in the closet, some men fold their pants and stack them one over another on a shelf. In the end, they find their pants wrinkled. Always hang your pants to avoid wrinkles and creases. You can fold your jeans, khakis, and casual pants but not constantly. Folding constantly can leave fold marks. This can also damage the fabric of denim. Always use closet velvet hangers with clip to hang your jean. When hanged, the weight of the garment can easily remove the wrinkles. 

Not protecting the garment 

Don’t suffocate your clothes in dry cleaners’ plastic bags. Allow the fabric to breathe. The humidity trapped in plastic bags is not safe for your clothes. You cannot get rid of residual odor from the chemicals if you keep clothes in plastic bags. Stains also get oxidized. This makes it harder to remove those stains. You also need to protect your garments from moths and dust. Proper storage and protection are essential to the long-term maintenance of clothes. Hanging them is the best way to protect them from dust, insects, and moths.   

Over-washing your clothes 

The lifetime of a piece of clothing depends on how many times you have washed it. There is no need to wash your clothes after every use. So, don’t over-wash and over-dry them. Doing so can be very costly. There are actual and immediate costs involved in unnecessary washing. You are using more detergent, water, and electricity. This also reduces the lifespan of clothes. The garment never looks the same. It takes a lot of beating in your washer. It is soaked, shaken, and spun. So, always wash and dry your clothes only when they get dirty. You can use a garment brush to remove dry stains. You can air dry most of the shirts without any odor.  

You can iron and wear dress shirts multiple times before washing. You can wear jeans without washing for weeks and even months. You need to use your washing machine less frequently to wash your jeans. 

Using an adhesive lint roller 

You can easily remove lint with an adhesive lint roller. However, the synthetic adhesive residue transferred on the clothes can attract more lint over time. The residue can also discolor and degrade natural fabrics. So, avoid using an adhesive lint roller. 

Even when you are washing and drying your clothes carefully, the way you are hanging them can also ruin your clothes. So, always choose the right velvet hangers.