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Questions To Ask When Choosing A Cloud Based Accounting Firm

Do you want to replace your old accountant with a new accounting firm? Or do you want to hire an accounting firm for your startup? 

In any case, choosing a reliable cloud based accounting service is an intimidating process. You have to be very cautious, as it’s about your company’s finances. This makes the selection process more overwhelming, increasing the risk of hiring an inappropriate firm. 

And we cannot let that happen to you. That’s why below are a few crucial questions that you must consider when looking for an accounting firm.

Which Accountants Will Work With You?

Ask your accounting company to provide you with the list of all main accountants who are going to handle your books. Once you have the list, check their complaints. 

Check if they have received complaints from SBA or the state board of accountancy. If yes, then how many are they? And most importantly, what actions have they taken to address them. In addition, also check the time consumed by the  company to resolve those complaints. 

Learning about this topic will help you know if they are reliable enough to trust or not? And as you know, trustworthiness is the main criterion for choosing an accounting firm. If they cannot be trusted, they cannot be hired – as simple as that. 

How Can The Firm You Picked Will Add Value To Your Company?

The firm you are planning to hire must be able to distinguish itself from other firms, particularly from those you have considered an option. Moreover, you should ask yourself questions like: is hiring this firm an ideal decision? 

How will their Montreal accountant grow my company? Are they expert and reliable enough to trust your company’s books? All these questions are important from the perspective of ROI – what will you get if you invest in them? 

Do They Offer Fee Proposals?

Ask for a free quotation from the firm to know about:

  • Out-of-pocket expenses
  • Startup costs
  • Billing rates
  • Charges for non-recurring and recurring services

Also, make sure to ask the firm if they provide any guarantee regarding their services. How can they increase your company’s future income, and within how much? Moreover, don’t forget to check if they add any miscellaneous expenses in their fee chart. 

How Many Major Clients Have They Lost Recently?

Check if they have lost any clients recently? In case they have, then determine why did they lose them? Find all the reasons to make sure you don’t end up like those companies. 

Here’s a bonus tip you should remember: try discussing the instances where the accounting company lost those clients. Is it because of any unresolved accounting or auditing issues? If so, then what procedure do they follow to resolve such issues?

Final Words

The next time when you are looking for an accounting firm, make sure to keep these tips in mind. They will help you make the right choice. Also, if you like reading this post, share it on your Whatsapp groups, Telegram chats and on other social media platforms.