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Best Location to Capture Memories in Cabo San Lucas

San Lucas is becoming a desired after vacation destination which is steadily gaining an increased popularity. Cabo San Lucas offers something for every vacationer, including: confidential out-of-the-way getaways, beachfront weddings, nightlife and activities.

In this article I am going to discuss the top things to capture cherishing memories in Cabo San Lucas. If you are planning a vacation at the Luxury Vacation Rentals Cabo San Lucas, the activities listed below are all a must do!

Diving in Sea of Cortez

Being a unique diving destination, Cabo San Lucas adds attraction to the tourists because the Sea of Cortez is one of the world’s exclusive ocean environments. It is located between temperate waters and tropical waters.

The Sea of Cortes is considered to be the organically richest body of water on earth, following over 800 marine vertebrate species. Diving in Cabo is famous for the streams of sand falls that fall over the underwater canyons. The sand river which is created is extremely interesting to see.

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Cabo San Lucas also has Activities in Abundance

  • You can take pleasure in Luxury Vacation Rentals Cabo San Lucas enjoying golfing, kayaking, surfing and mountain biking.

  • It also has a very dynamic nightlife. The clubs here show a discrepancy from Rock ‘ Roll to jazz to a standard pub.

  • Cabo San Lucas is known for it’s marlin, hence it has got the name “Marlin Capital of the World”.

  • A happy scuba diver may also come upon manta rays, and even whale sharks in the overflowing waters of the Sea of Cortez.

  • The accommodations in luxury vacation rentals in Cabo San Lucas are also first class and attribute some of Mexico’s finest properties.

  • Here, you can find million dollar villas available for rent for the duration of your vacation along with many five star hotels.

  • The high nutrient waters forms a spectacular population of fish from small inshore fish to large schools of jack, tuna, dolphin, and “sportfish” such as dorado and marlin. There are drifting visits from whales and hammer head sharks.

  • The Luxury Vacation Rentals Cabo San Lucas are an enormous choice for vacation destination if you are looking for the sun and the sand to lighten up. The atmosphere is also very tranquil. It is the place to enjoy a peaceful vacation.

Horseback Riding on The Beach

Horseback Riding is available as way rides for all levels of riders at several stables in the Cabo San Lucas region. A guide can help you in the trail rides varying from a desert ride, to a beach ride or, in and about beautiful rock formations.

Whale Watching

There are boat tours that offer whale watching to the hundreds of whale watchers every year.

Hike through the desert

A trek through the desert is absolutely amazing with the view of incredible rock formations, unique vegetation and wildlife native only to this region. It is best in the winter, with the temperature being around 70.

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