Can you trust an Online Canadian Pharmacy

Can you trust an Online Canadian Pharmacy?

Medications are not cheap in the US. Living in the US you can expect to spend more than $1,200 annually, even more, if you have a chronic condition. This can cause a lot of stress for parents of sick children or for people who are having to choose between their health and paying the rent. You may already have heard, but in Canada, the cost of prescriptions is much less. So one way to find a solution to your problem is to look for an online Canadian pharmacy. It will save you money, and it might even lift some stress from your shoulders. But first, it is important to learn about who you know who is safe to shop from and who is not. Here are some great tips.

Five questions to get answers to!

1). Do they have a certification of legitimacy?

It should be very clear from looking at their main page that they have verification from someone like Pharmacy Checker. This certifies that this is a legitimate pharmacy and they are operating a legally run business. As well as being certified it is also important to look for sites that use a secure checkout process. If you look at PricePro Pharmacy you can see a great example of both of these.

2). Do they ask you for a prescription?

There is a lot of risk in using an online pharmacy that will not ask for a prescription. It is not legal and it is not ethical. There are a lot of problems with using a site like that, such as how can you be sure of the medications you get, but a key concern would be some medications that do not interact well. If they are not asking to see prescriptions that are risking your health. If getting a prescription is a problem, a clinic that takes walk-ins should help.

3). Is there an actual pharmacy or more with a physical address?

Having an actual physical store somewhere is a very good sign that this is a genuine pharmacy operating both in location and online. They should make it easy for you to see this location. 

4). Are the prices reasonable?

You will see that there are savings to be had on all medications. Prices in Canada are lower. But some will have higher savings, you might even pay as much as 80% less on some things. But prices that are very low on everything should ring an alarm bell in your head. Look for realistic prices. Compare them to other Canadian sites. Avoid buying from somewhere too cheap, it could be an indicator that the site is not genuine or reliable.

5). What have customers said about them?

A great way to see how reliable and trustworthy a Canadian online pharmacy might be is what other customers have to say. Are they generally positive about their experiences? Do they recommend them? You could also ask other people you know who use a site whether it has gone well.

Feel good about your choice

There are some excellent and highly professional online Canadian pharmacies. If you ask these questions you are far more likely to find a genuine online Canadian Pharmacy and save money on your prescription medications. For any of your future medication needs to order drugs online from PricePro Pharmacy.