Best Ways to Maintain Your Premium Human Hair Wigs

Best Ways to Maintain Your Premium Human Hair Wigs

Love isn’t in the air; it’s in the hair. Human hair wigs are a clear example of the notion as they revamp your hair game to brilliance, making you feel loved about yourself. That spot on! From protecting your hair from heat to giving you a celebrity kind of look, premium human hair wigs offer a myriad of benefits in terms of fashion and hair care. 

With that being said, hair wigs can be an essential part of your everyday life. Thus, the efforts that go into their maintenance matter! Just like your biological hair, you need to treat your wig with care to steer clear of damage. After all, the longer your wig lasts in shape, the longer you can keep boring hair at bay.

Here are our best ways to maintain your premium human hair wig –

Give Heat A Miss

No doubt, the best luxury human hair wigs are more durable than fiber wigs, but they can’t withstand heat like biological hair. This is because the hair strands on the wig do not produce oils that natural hair does.

Therefore, due to the lack of moisture content, wigs get damaged when exposed to hair styling tools, like a straightener or curling wand. 

Stick To Right Products

Using the right products can increase the age and grace of your human hair wig. Regular shampoos and conditioners consist of a wide range of chemicals that can damage the wig. Thus, we suggest you avoid them and stick to specialized wig shampoo to boost wig health and keep it smooth. Besides, you can also put into use dry shampoo as an excellent alternative.

Note: Washing a wig 2-3 times a week is sufficient even if you wear it every day.

When it comes to brushing the wig, choose a soft bristle brush. In the case of curly wigs, it is better to use your fingers to detangle hair. Nevertheless, if you wish to avoid brushing your hair wig, leaving it air-dry is all you need to do.

Store Your Wig Properly

Investing in the best human hair wig online is all waste if you do not store it correctly. Hook it on a wig, stand in an upright position or keep it in a separate closet rack. Your goal should be to prevent your wig from sunlight, dust, and heat. 

Additionally, say a big no to sleeping in a wig. This will tangle the hair on the wig, making it difficult for you to use it for the next day. 

That’s all! These are the essential tips, practicing which you can keep your premium human hair wig in the right shape and make it last longer. So, bring out your caring side and give it all to your luxurious fashion accessory – a hair wig.