Benefits of using international business email lists

Benefits of using international business email lists

The one common thing that you will notice in almost all the industries around you is globalization. You should know that because of the influx of digital platforms and with entry in every industry becoming easy, even small and medium sized businesses are going global. In the modern era, you don’t need to have a brick and mortar shop in a foreign country in order to go global as digitization has allowed businesses to target customers outside the boundary of their own country through digital platforms. And if you are planning to do so, then you will have to adopt a similar kind of approach in your email marketing strategy.

If you know that you can grow your business internationally then you will have to start targeting your marketing strategy to the international market. And if email marketing is an important part of your overall marketing strategy then the one important thing that you will need to start doing is start using international business email lists. The list of benefits offered by international business email lists is very long and there are many business data providers out there that can offer you quality international email databases.

So, before you ask your data providers to provide an international business data email list, lest first understand the advantages of using such a list for your marketing campaign.

Intensifies sales revenue and profit

Unlike other marketing techniques that are completely based on hit and miss strategy, email marketing directly provides access to both potential and existing customers. And if you will start using an international business database for your email campaign then you will be able to build a well-organized email marketing campaign that will intensify your sales revenue and that too without risking budget. The main reason why you will not lose on the budget is the international email list will contain the information of only those people who will be interested in your product or service.

Enriches sales volume

If you will keep using the local email list even with the potential of serving the international client then you will limit the capability of your email marketing campaign. But with the help of an international business email list provided by a business database providing companies, you can turn your email campaign into a sales generating machine and enrich your sales volume. You can also include an incentive in your email marketing campaign based on an international database for increasing the sales volume.

Email can act as a powerhouse for generating sales and increasing sales volume, but only if you use a better email database. With more people on your email list interested in buying your product, you will surely be able to increase your sales volume which is the number of sales completed in a given period of time.

Maximizes product’s outreach and response rates

If you will be working with a large database that will also include an international email list then your audience size will obviously increase and thus this will lead to improvement of your product outreach.

Talking about the response rate, you need to have at least 15 to 25% of the response rate as anything below this is considered below average response rate in email marketing. But with the help of the international business email list, you will be adding more people to your database that will be interested in using our product or service and thus it will lead to an increase in the response rate.

Reduction of Online Marketing Cost

There will be many people using email marketing by using international email lists but only a handful of them will be aware about the fact that email marketing with international business email lists can lower down the overall online marketing cost as well.

You should know that the average cost per click or the cost of putting an ad on the search network in order to advertise to the global audience is between $1 to $2 but through email marketing (like Gmail ads), you can bring down this cost to almost $.10. So can reduce your marketing spending by almost 10X by using email marketing based on international business email lists.

Highly productive

Although there are various parameters to analyze the effectiveness of an email marketing campaign, when it comes to being productive then only the number of leads generated is considered. All the companies out there use email marketing with the main motive of generating leads and with the addition of international business email lists, you will surely be able to increase the number of leads generated through your email marketing campaign.

It has been seen that all the businesses equipping their email marketing campaign with international email lists have been able to become more productive as the number of leads has increased after the international approach.

How does Leadiro help?

Leadiro can be your one-stop-shop for all your B2B email database needs. From international email lists to completely verified and updated email lists, the type of database that we will provide will have all the features of an ideal email database. We have +59 million email database and with such a large database, you can surely fuel your international email marketing campaign.