Automatic or Manual Driving Classes

Automatic or Manual Driving Classes? Know Which is Better For You

Several things may come to your mind when getting started with learning to drive. And one of all those questions would be something obvious as – Is it better to learn driving manual or an automatic car first? Unfortunately, getting recommendations from a family member or friend may leave you in a confusing situation. In fact, experts suggest beginning with learning automatic driving, then a manual car driving at the later stages, if required. A source stated that almost 96% of Americans drive automatic cars. 

Still, if you find yourself in a baffling situation, this post is for you. Here we have put together some factors that will help you make an informed decision. So let’s get ahead with it. 

  • Know The Type Of Car You Will Be Driving

Let’s face it. Start with considering car options at your home. For example, do you own an automatic or a manual transmission car available, or do you have a choice to switch to a different type of car later on? Whatever type of car you would prefer to the driver in the future, enroll in any of the recognized driving classes in San Jose for structured learning. 

  • By Any Chance, Will You Be Traveling Overseas? 

Americans usually have an overwhelming preference for driving automatic transmission cars, which is why they most likely get in touch with behind-the-wheel instructors in the same specialization. If you often have travel plans for another state, learning automatic diving would be more favorable. A valid license under the same category should be fine to drive in any other state of the country, even if you are renting a car. 

Apparently, if your travel plans are more of overseas locations and you will have to drive around, then manual classes under the supervision of an accredited driving instructor near you would be worthwhile. This makes sense because other than the US, there are countries where manual transmission cars are the primary option. 

  • Challenge or Ease of Use? 

If you love to have some adventure and do something multitasking like off-roading, then learning to drive a manual car would be fine enough. Many individuals find that this experience gives them a feeling of confidence as they learn to be better drivers now and then, without being forced to be attentive. 

Some students feel that switching gears manually is a distraction, and they cannot focus on the road. So if you too find yourself focusing more on the road with the potential car stalls and gears, automatic car driving is more suitable for you. 

Sharing the verdict of industry experienced adult driver instructors, you will still learn almost the same things, road rules, and behaviors – so the choice is yours! If you want less headache, then learn automatic driving. And if you like challenges, learn manual driving. 

  • Do You Have Driving A Heavy-Duty Vehicle In Your Plans? 

It goes without saying that heavy-duty trucks demand a different class license. If you, too, are planning to drive a large bus, truck, or any other heavy-duty vehicle, learning to drive a manual car would be a better stepping stone. 

Because most of the heavy vehicles across the country come in the automatic transmission, manual driving will allow you to learn to have better control on the road. Plus, manual trucks usually come at a more convenient price, and they do have less maintenance and running costs than automatic, heavy vehicles. 


While deciding on whether manual or automatic driving will be more favorable for you, it is worth determining the type of transmission you wish to learn, as most of the driving classes in San Jose offer tailored programs for both. So which driving mode helped you build your confidence on the roads – Manual or Automatic? Let us know in the comments; we’d be happy to read them.