All About Kanye West

All About Kanye West & History of Yeezy Shoes for Men

The equation in the title is perhaps one of the most basic in the fashion world, but it is also a prescription for huge success. Since the year dot, music and movie stars and athletes have collaborated with various shoe firms to produce their own collections and products. The outcomes of such collaborations will almost certainly exceed all expectations. This was the case with Michael Jordan and his Nike line and Rihanna’s Puma collaboration. On the other hand, this piece will focus on last year’s biggest hit, YEEZY shoes for men, which was made in collaboration with Kanye West.

How it all started – West pays a flying visit to Adidas.

To begin, we must state that the collaboration between the well-known rapper and Adidas may have been a complete failure. All because of a disagreement between West and Adidas when the rapper designed the initial sneaker model in 2006. So, what did Kanye do? He agreed to work with Nike, following in Michael Jordan’s footsteps. The collaboration lasted five years. On the other hand, West gave up in 2013 and returned to Adidas, which promised him a large profit. In 2015, the YEEZY SEASON 1 collection was released as a result of a collaboration with the German powerhouse. Clothing and footwear were included in the assortment. However, the clothing was not as well-received as the sneakers, and Adidas quickly announced that the new YEEZY shoe collection would be limited to shoes alone. Despite the declarations, numerous exceptions surfaced in the future series.

YEEZY shoes are a sneaker explosion that has exploded on the market.

The YEEZY series was a big hit, and by the end of 2017, there were 16 distinct color versions and six different designs on the market. All of this was attributable to two elements that led to the customers’ enthusiastic and warm response. Obviously, one of them was the high quality and enticing design of Kanye West’s sneakers. The other was influencer marketing, which the rapper’s coworkers did. The Adidas YEEZY reps soon became popular among celebrities, whose social media accounts were followed by millions of admirers all over the world who recognized the model and opted to follow in their idols’ footsteps. When West went silent on social media in 2017, a group named YEEZY Mafia began to share a slew of goods from his collection. The issue was that these posts were sneak at Adidas’s upcoming announcements. West had a difficult time because some people suspected him of being the perpetrator of these crimes.

The most well-known Adidas YEEZY models

  • YEEZY Boost 750 

The initial YEEZY models had little in common with the sneakers we know today from Kanye West. The YEEZY BOOST 750 “Light Brown” suede upper reached far over the ankle. The key characteristics of this type were velcro straps and zippered sides. The sole of following iterations is quite similar to that of this model. Every model of YEEZY sneakers has a modern BOOST system that ensures such a high level of cushioning. This aspect, usually in light hues, is highly emphasized in every model of YEEZY sneakers. 

YEEZY Boost 750 was initially only available in a limited quantity to users who had downloaded the YEEZY Boost 750 app. Needless to say, they were nearly quickly sold out. The color versions “Glow in the Dark” and “Chocolate” were later introduced to the market.

  • YEEZY BOOST 350 and all other YEEZY BOOST 350 variations

West’s YEEZY 350 was another significant model that dominated the summer of 2015. The design of these sneakers is very similar to that of the most recent YEEZY releases. The dark color option, “Pirate Black,” is unquestionably noteworthy. The black sticks out against the 350’s signature hue, “Turtle Dove.” A year later, Yeezy 350 Cleat – the first sports shoes from Kanye West’s line, created exclusively for American football players have also unveiled in “Turtle Dove” color variation. 

The Primeknit technology was employed in these shoes, and it is still one of the first things that spring to mind when thinking of Adidas YEEZY shoes for men. The 350 was also given a makeover in the shape of the YEEZY BOOST 350 V2. A new formula, a strap on the side of the shoe, and partial translucency of the sole have all been added to the design of the shoe. YEEZY BOOST 350 V2 in a variety of colorways is now the most popular shoe in the whole YEEZY range.


The YEEZY BOOST 700 is one of the newest products to emerge from Adidas’s collaboration with Kanye West. It’s a running shoe collection that debuted at the 2017 YEEZY SEASON 5. The latest models, which come in a variety of color options such as “Inertia” and “Geode,” have just hit the market.

  • SALT YEEZY 500

The Adidas YEEZY 500 SALT variant, which featured light grey tones that faded into beige, was a huge hit in 2018. They were praised as the best “ugly” shoes shortly after their introduction, delighting with their originality. The sole was inspired by the iconic blend of suede, mesh, and leather found on basketball shoes from the 1990s and 2000s.

The main secret of YEEZY 500 SALT is its futuristic yet simplistic design. But there are even more surprises in store for fans of this model: the BOOST system has been replaced by adiprene technology, which provides superior comfort. Kanye West, without question, knows how to dazzle his fans!

Make Your Way West.

Kanye West’s shoes are unlike anything else on the market. Their distinctive designs and shapes have as many admirers as they do detractors all across the world. However, there is no denying that Adidas’ new YEEZY shoes revolutionized the world of athletic footwear. These sneakers are ideal for you if you exclusively buy high-quality items and aren’t afraid to try new things.