5 Reasons why Intranet is considered as one of the best onboarding tools

5 Reasons why Intranet is considered as one of the best onboarding tools

When a new employee joins the company, there is always a feeling of discomfort at the start. Our duty as an organization is to make them feel at home, which can be achieved only through the onboarding process. Newcomers are filled with excitement as it is the start of new beginnings for them. But along with the excitement, they are captured with nervousness that only goes when they are welcomed and supported in the best way possible. They might require help for almost everything. And with a successful onboarding process, they somehow are liberated from being extremely overwhelmed. Research shows that 31% of the new employees leave their job within six months of their joining. The best way a firm can make new recruiters stay is through an effective onboarding process. Here Intranet is regarded as the best onboarding tool for ensuring that the new recruiters have successful first few days. 

Intranet is a magical digital onboarding platform that makes even remote new recruiters familiar with everything about the organization.

There are various reasons Intranet is considered to be the most effective onboarding tool:

Successful automation of the onboarding process:

A new employee is entangled with loads of paperwork about the organization’s policies, training, and benefits information on the first day of their job. Intranet has proven to be an asset and the perfect user onboarding software that eliminates such paperwork and keeps everything central. In addition, Intranet has made the onboarding process consistent for all the new employees. As a result, all the new recruiters receive the right information at the right time.

Easy navigation:

Through intranet onboarding solutions, one is capable of navigating everything about the organization itself. Keeping the site simple and menu labels easily accessible makes it easy for new employees to discover more about the company. Self-discovery assures the quick functionality of a person. Once they explore the company, they will start working as an asset for the firm. 

A tool of communication:

Intranet is the best communication tool and is proven to be a cherry on the cake for the new employees. Through intranet services, every employee can consult and communicate with each other within the organization. As a result, it is easier for the HR team to equip remote employees with updated policies, news, and other initiatives. This onboarding tool enables the new recruiters to ask and raise questions in case of any difficulty. 

For a unique experience:

For a smooth and successful onboarding process, it becomes essential to personalize certain details according to the new recruiter’s preferences. Every employee comes up with a different set of thoughts and ideas. Through personalized services, a firm can try to meet each employee’s needs and work on it for the benefit of their organization.

Obtain feedback for a smooth sail:

Feedback is a vital procedure for further improving the onboarding process. By sharing anonymous surveys with the new recruiters, a firm builds trust and connection with the employees, which directly increases their chances of staying in the organization. It is also an efficient way to enhance the onboarding process.


For a smooth and effective onboarding process, the Intranet has proven to be a perfect user onboarding software that enhances the retention of new employees. Intranet offers to throw away loads of paperwork and keeps all the information about the firm in the center for smooth and easy navigation for them. It becomes communication and allows the new recruiters to share their views, problems, and thoughts with other employees of the organization. By providing a feedback form, you try to work and improve things accordingly, resulting in a better onboarding experience.