5 Amazing Perks Of Skateboarding For Kids

5 Amazing Perks Of Skateboarding For Kids

Skateboarding is a tricky (wink wink!) but very enjoyable sport and activity. Here are a few reasons why you should consider skateboarding for your kids.

Developmental Benefits for Children

Once you’ve gotten a  kids skateboard for your children, they have the opportunity for a whole bunch of physical and mental benefits. They are having fun, learning new skills, outside in the sunshine and fresh air. They grow stronger, improve their balance and coordination and improve their stamina. 

Patience and Persistence

Learning to skateboard is a process. In fact it can be a lifelong process of developing new skills, working on new obstacles, different ramps or features at the park or in the neighborhood. Proper protective geat ensures that kids can progress safely and more easily by trying their new skills again and again. Skaters will support each other through the process, encouraging others can actually help them see the benefits of persistence within themselves. 

Instills Confidence

Kids skateboarding can act as a powerful way of inculcating both confidence and bravery. The look on children’s faces as they get to the next level is priceless. Boys and girls don’t always learn that new trick every time they skate, but they do get closer. Hard work pays off and there are few things more empowering to a young kid than seeing the results of that commitment. 

Precision and Coordination

Skateboarding is a kind of sport that demands precision and coordination. Skaters always utilize the well timed coordination of  their vision, their balance, their arms, legs and feet. With practice comes improvement that helps not only on the skateboard, but also on their daily life and other sports.  

An accessible Sport

Thankfully skateboarding doesn’t have to break the bank. A good kids skateboard typically costs a little more than $100. Protective gear is always a good idea but tends to last a few years. Skateboarding in the neighborhood or driveway is thankfully free as are the vast majority of public skateparks in towns and cities all over the world. Some private parks have fees, but that usually makes sense and their are typically perks like having access to indoor facilities or staff members to help the kids. Bang for the buck, skateboarding may be just the right activity for your kids!