3 tips you should follow in order to bring your account into the trending list on Instagram

3 tips you should follow in order to bring your account into the trending list on Instagram

The last few years the mobile application Instagram gained so much popularity that now it has become a social networking site that can benefit you a lot. With over 2 billion people using the app on a daily basis, we can confidently declare that there is something for everyone no matter their age, gender or nationality.

Nowadays, almost every user on Instagram is seeking to get fame whether for business improvements in order to highlight and promote the goods and services you sell and to expand your reach. On the other hand many celebrities use Instagram in order to gain more fans and to be closer to their fan’s base. Also, there are many people that have created careers thanks to Instagram and they became influencers. In fact, the social platform created a whole new successful business branch. All of this proves that everyone according to their own industry can benefit a lot from Instagram.

However, in order to gain fame on Instagram you should understand how its algorithm works. If you manage to beat the algorithm and maintain your visibility, you will have your publication popped up on the Explore page on Instagram where you have the potential to be discovered by millions of other users that can become your followers and alongside this, you will start gaining fame. And what comes after fame? Of course money and power. In this article, we have collected some tips and tricks that will help you to understand what it takes to be on the trending list on Instagram.

Instagram Profile category: Instagram supports both personal and business accounts, however, in order to extend your reach you should better set your account as a business page because statistics show that this way you will be more likely to be discovered by others. By setting your account as a business page you will grow it for a lesser period of time.

Engagement rates: The next step for bringing your account into Instagram’s trending list is by getting you more active followers and keeping them engaged with your content. It is not an easy task to attract users, so you can simply buy real followers on Instagram which will save you time and effort. However, once you have established your audience you need to keep them engaged. They should be active followers who like, comment and share your posts in order to get your account viral. So focus on uploading interesting and unique content and people will engage with it.

Instagram Stories: One of the most effective tools when it comes to increasing your engagement and gaining popularity on Instagram is by uploading Instagram stories frequently. This feature allows you to upload short videos or images onto your account that will remain there for only 24 hours and after that period, the story will disappear automatically. On these stories, you can also add hashtags, location, stickers, captions and different emojis which will make it even more attractive and engaging. Also if you would like to keep the story for longer than 24 hours, you can keep it as a “Highlight” on your profile and it will be kept there until you decide to remove it.

Like many other social media platforms: Instagram changes its algorithms from time to time so you should stay tuned regarding all the new trends that it supports. It is necessary to be familiar with the trends and how to grab the attention of the other users. We hope that the tips we have collected in this article would benefit you in order to gain popularity on Instagram and to bring your account in the trending list of Instagram.