3 Reasons To Choose Modern Data Mapping Tools

3 Reasons To Choose Modern Data Mapping Tools

Data privacy has caused a major upheaval among businesses today. With GDPR in effect, several organizations were in compliance. The issue of data privacy kept on growing and became more visible unless automated data mapping came into action. With that being said, here are three reasons to choose data mapping tools.


With the arrival of data privacy laws, almost every business has become bound to follow the GDPR guidelines regarding data privacy and safety. In 2019 when 58% of GDPR relevant companies failed to address data requests in the designated time frame, the need for data mapping tools was perceived. As in order to comply with GDPR and CCPA, a company essentially needs to know how data comes into the company, where it goes, and how it gets transformed along the way. Automated tools make this whole process easy and deliver foolproof compliance.

Saves time and resources

Another reason to choose data mapping for privacy compliance is to save time and resources. Just like tools for data mapping, data scientists also bring a lot of value to an organization. But the only difference lies in the time and resources that is spent by a data scientist to the same job as a mapping tool. Data scientists spend 40% more time in data preparation and grooming, finding the data elements and much more. Well all this could be automated and a lot of time can be saved. Unlike data scientists who make an organization lose time and cost, data mapping through tools could allow more opportunities.

Improving communication and collaboration

For a successful business growth, business and IT needs to go hand in hand. Though both of them belong to different worlds but only if a company manages to successfully map their data, things can run smoothly. Many companies prioritize productivity in their code and don’t focus on documenting. Such a difference in the mindset can lead to connection within business users. In a company, IT can be seen as uncooperative. With the help of right data mapping automation, IT can be turned into a great business value.

In the modern times where consumer privacy laws are taking a front seat, it is important to know the entire pathway through which data travels in a company. And to do that, no manual processes can be helpful. Only automated data mapping can map the path of the data and provide complete documentation.